The secret to standing out at a trade show lies in the design of your booth. You may have superior products, but if the exhibition stand is mediocre, it might be all for nothing. The set up of your booth plays a big role in attracting participants. One undervalued aspect of many trade shows is furniture. If you are looking to add a level of comfort to your booth, you have to provide areas for people to lean or sit on. Selfie frames for exhibitions are among the popular choices for exhibitors because it makes it easier to maximise on space. However, not every sofa, armchair or glass showcase is the right fit for your trade show. Exhibitors must know how to find furniture that brings out the best of their booths.

Prioritise Comfort

Comfort doesn’t usually get the same attention as other elements such as style or theme when it comes to trade show booth design. Well, it should be up there with your choice of colours. You don’t need potential customers complaining about how hard the stool is or how tiring a sofa is while they wait to be served. Find trade show furniture that provides maximum comfort. Don’t just think about the visitors, consider the hosts as well. The people operating the booth may need to get off their feet at some point, and they should be comfortable as well. Don’t be too strict about maintaining a theme that you compromise comfort. If you are getting wooden chairs to match a country theme, have cushions on the seats.

Try to Stick to the Theme

Trade shows usually have some kind of theme, which is what the booth design is based on. The theme may be general, meaning for the whole show, or it might be customised to a single exhibitor; whatever the case, get furniture that blends in. Factor in the style and colour of a sofa, desk or stool before adding it to the setup. The furniture in your booth can set the feel of the whole place. The point of spending resources on a trade show stall is to create a space that entices people to come in and view what is on display. A good theme can accomplish that extremely well. However, you must make certain that every element aligns. You can’t have a rustic chic decor theme for your new kitchenware range then put a basic office chair in the middle of the booth. Work with customised furniture for the most effective results.

Consider the Space Carefully

It’s easy to go overboard when buying trade show furniture and get too many or pieces that are too large. Always look at the space that needs furnishing before buying or renting. Exhibitors have a vast selection of furniture in different shapes, sizes and styles. Invest time in finding pieces that will suit the space available. Avoid using furniture that will make a booth feel too cramped or empty. Pick furniture that makes efficient use of space. You can try out an arrangement with the chosen furniture to see how they work before getting them for the trade show. Bistro stools and tables, for instance, are perfect for small booths. Besides space, the type of visitors that your exhibition invites determines the right furniture. For example, if visitors have to sit down to watch a promotional video, a sofa is an appropriate choice. Make sure that the pieces you get fit well together to create harmony in a booth.

Buying vs Renting

Decide if hiring trade show furniture or buying it outright is the most suitable solution for you. Companies set aside budgets for trade show events, and that should help you determine the best alternative. Buying results in higher costs than renting, so check what the budget allows. The type of furniture you pick also dictates the costs. A two-seater leather sofa will cost more than a desk. A company’s needs factor in as well when deciding between renting and buying. An enterprise that has several trade shows in a year may find it more convenient to have the necessary furniture when they require it. Conversely, a company that only holds a few exhibitions may find rental furniture more economical. The advantage of hiring trade show furniture rather than buying is that you have the flexibility of picking different pieces for varying events.

Trade show furniture can make or break your booth design. A good trade show booth should not just attract people but give them comfort as well. Choose trade show furniture that matches the branding of your exhibition. Whether it’s buying or renting, find trade show furniture that allows your booth to stand out.