What exactly is experimental marketing? It’s a type of marketing that allows people to immerse themselves in a marketing experience. Examples would be attending a branded event, or participating in an event that creates a lasting impression. Experimental marketing is an important key for competing in a world where marketers are constantly innovating new ideas to try and gain a competitive edge over others. With experimental marketing, your company will experience the following results while increasing its revenue.

1- Inspire Customers to Connect Emotionally

If you can put together an event that inspires customers to connect on an emotional level, your company will be off and running. It’s easier for customers to form emotional bonds with a product or service if they have a positive experience that’s hard to forget. Let customers touch and feel a marketing experience, and there’s a strong likelihood they’ll become loyal customers. Helping customers convert is one of the main goals of marketing.

2- Encourage Customers to Tell Others

If your experimental marketing ideas are innovative enough, people will gladly share their experience with others. Customers will tell friends, family members, and colleagues, and post their opinions on social media. This is where word-of-mouth marketing can benefit your company. Create those hashtag experiences that customers will want to share. These are the types of organic promotions that can make your company a lot more visible to new customers.

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3- Collect and Analyze Valuable Data

Customers all have preferences and take action. If you can collect and analyze this data it can help you examine and refine your marketing strategies. It’ll help ensure your products match the needs and preferences of your customers. Your company can target more effective marketing campaigns, which of course ultimately leads to higher sales.

4- Encourage Customers to Take Immediate Action

A major benefit of experimental marketing, if effective, is that it can inspire customers to take immediate action. Engagements with a unique experience can lead to a customer making a buying decision on the spot. Companies can also offer special deals or limited-time promotions during experimental events. Create the momentum and then capitalize on it.

5- Learn from the Successes and Failures of Others

There are a lot of opportunities to learn from other companies, even competitors. You can gain a lot of valuable insights into what can work and what can’t. You can also rationalize if a specific type of campaign will work for your company. Monitor your competitors and avoid mistakes that many companies in your space often make. Discover additional creative ways your company can stand out from the competition.

6- Network and Collaborate

It may not seem feasible at first, but there are marketing companies you can engage with that can offer complementary products and services. The collaboration can benefit everyone involved. If your company hasn’t experienced that audible gasp for itself, or for its customers, that results from innovative experimental marketing, then you and your customers are missing out on something amazing.

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Experiential marketing offers many benefits to companies including an increase in sales, and it is worth the investment for companies to make.