If you were lucky enough to go on a camp as a child, then you know how many wonderful memories are made there. During the day you probably enjoyed all the typical fun camp activities, such as water sports, hiking, scavenger hunts, talent shows and horse riding. Chances are you want your children to be able to have the same wonderful camp memories that you did as a child. There are so many benefits to your children going away on camp such as allowing them to explore a new hobby, especially if they would like to go on a summer break art camp. They will also gain some independence, and of course, make friendships that will last a lifetime. If you’re thinking about sending your children away to summer camp this year, here are some tips for choosing the perfect camp.

1. Focus on Your Priorities
The best place to start when hunting for a summer camp for your children is by figuring out what’s really important to you. Maybe you would like your children to focus on their passions while at camp, or maybe you would prefer for them to be exposed to a variety of activities so they can find a new hobby. There are so many different types of summer camps in Canada, that you’re sure to find an option that’s absolutely perfect for your family. Sitting down with your children and asking them what they would like to see in a camp is a wonderful way to get started and to ensure you find something they really love.

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2. Day Camper or Overnight
There are camps available that are just during the day, freeing parents up to work but allowing the kids to be home each night. The more traditional camp experience is an extended summer camp that lasts generally two to eight weeks. The type of camp you choose will probably depend a lot on your children’s ages and your work commitments. Generally younger children might be better suited to just a day camp, while older children are likely to relish the full camp experience.

3. Figure Out What Your Budget is
Summer camps range wildly in their prices depending on the type of activities your child will be doing and the type of accomodation they’ll enjoy. If you want your children to have a summer camp that’s jam packed with a ton of activities, then you’ll quickly realise this comes with a higher price point. The good news is there are camps in all budget ranges, but knowing what you’re able to spend is a great way to ensure that you find something that works for your family. If finances are tight this year, some camps do offer camp scholarships so do some research to see what’s available for you.

Hopefully these three tips help you get started finding the perfect summer camp for your children.