Considering the fact that most of us do not make unlimited sums of money, most of us are interested in saving money as much as possible too. Luckily, there are tons of ways you can do this – including simple things you can do around the home. Of course, they may not save you a fortune, but little by little you can actually see your savings grow into something that’s genuinely considerable.

What are the top 3 tips for saving money around the home without giving up on the things you actually love (and need)? Read on and find out more.


Turn off that TV

Seriously, do it. We have grown so accustomed to have our TVs run as “background noise” that we can barely tell the difference between “TV on” and “TV off”. If you are like the vast majority of the people out there, you turn your TV the first thing you come at home – and that’s one of the worst things you can do in terms of saving money. Turning on the TV when you are not even willing to actually watch it will lead to an unnecessary “boost” in your electricity bill. But there are even more disadvantages to doing it as well! For instance, have you ever thought of how much our TVs expose us to ads on products we do not actually need – but still end up wanting and buying? Have you ever thought of how much spare time you would have if you stopped watching TV – and how great you could use that time? That’s right, turning off the TV will bring you with tons of benefits – including, but not limited to saving money.

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30 Is the New Golden Rule

If you want to save more money around your home, make sure you know (and follow) the “magic” 30-day rule. If you are considering the option of making a larger purchase for your home, stop and resume in 30 days. Unless your refrigerator or anything else essential for your lifestyle have broken and you need to replace them, waiting for 30 days will do you nothing wrong. In fact, it will provide you with many advantages such as giving you the time to analyze if you actually need that product, if you want it and, ultimately, what model you want that truly suits your needs and your budget.


Turn the Lights Off, Please

This may seem like common sense and it may seem like it’s not going to save you huge sums of money, but if you get to think of it, every single penny will add off. In some cases, turning the lights off before you go away for two hours can save you as much as $50. Just imagine that! If you go grocery shopping every week and forget to turn off the lights each time you do it, you will end up spending $200 more on the whim of a button switch (literally)! Now, reverse that and imagine how much money you can end up saving instead!