We are living during an interesting time. The job industry has evolved with there being several avenues on how to make money. Many people have turned towards “entrepreneurship” as a job title and while it may sound appealing, you must be very careful.

Financial betting is a way people are funneling money into their pockets, but it’ll take some time to develop a successful strategy to make this a full-time job.

What is Financial Betting?

With any sort of bet you make, there’s a chance of losing more than you originally put in. Because most bets are done blindly, not knowing the outcome or result can be troubling. While some thrive off this thrill of diving into the unknown, you have to really know what you’re doing to truly understand the possible success there is in betting.

You’re most likely familiar with sports betting, but financial betting is slightly different. This type of betting involves placing bets on market shares based on the rise and/or fall of a specific company market. If you know anything about the stock market, even the most successful company’s shares fall unexpectedly.

This is not to be confused with market investments. Market investments usually allow you to come on board as a company owner, while financial betting does not. Another significant difference is that while market investments are a long-term commitment, financial betting is a short-term gamble.

Forms of Betting

There are three major forms of financial betting you can participate in. Let’s break it down:

  • Fixed Odds Betting – Predicting the exact movement of a company’s market. You place a bet on a specific amount of time and by how much you think it’ll increase or decrease during that given time.
  • Binary Betting – You can bet on a share going up or down, or remaining the same. You can sell these bets, possibly making you money even if the odds are against you, if you get the timing right.
  • Spread Betting – You bet based on the movement of something increasing up or down and also by how much they’re changing. This is the most popular form of financial betting since they do not expire; however, these bets but come with greater risk.
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Successful Financial Bettors

If you research financial betting, you’ll get a mixed result of both opinions and facts. Betting is something you need to experience yourself to truly know if it’s worth pursuing. Afterall, everyone has their own betting strategy and you could potentially have a winning plan.

Take it from successful financial bettors like Simon Smith and Vince Stanzione. Smith himself is known for his famous ways of betting in the UK housing market. Although Simon Smith has yet to reveal on record how much money he’s made, he’s only been quoted saying that he’s made enough money to pay his mortgage off.


To wrap things up, making a living off financial betting is possible. But before you can successfully live solely off making bets on the financial market, there are a handful of things to consider.

Start by studying the market you plan on entering bets in. How does it fluctuate?

Create a flexible, yet long-term business plan. Do you have sufficient funds to hold you up as you wait for your bets to return profit?

 It’s possible to become the next financial betting billionaire, but it won’t happen overnight.