While moving to a new house can be a wonderful adventure, I’m not sure anyone actually enjoys the physical aspect of moving house. Packing everything up, figuring how to get everything from A to B, getting it there, unpacking it, organizing everything… ah it can seem like a bit of a nightmare. But there are some ways to make moving house a little bit easier, so here are my top 3 tips.

1. Get the Professionals In

Unless you have a large support network, moving by yourself can be way too much work. If you have family or friends who are happy to lend a hand, then maybe you can tackle it yourself, but otherwise you might just find it so much easier and less stressful to get professional moving services in. There are a variety of types of moving packages to suit your needs, how much stuff you have to move and your budget. You might find it worthwhile to hire someone just to handle the bigger pieces of furniture, or it may just make sense for them to do everything. There’s also many companies that offer complete moving packages, which includes everything from packing, transporting and unpacking. Check out best Telematics for more information.

2. Play By the Rules

Depending on where you live, there’s going to be specific rules about moving. For example, if you live in an area with narrow streets or no parking, then there might be rules and regulations about how you can have moving trucks in and how you can get your stuff into your apartment. In some countries you even need a permit to move and the police will monitor the road and close it for you to have clear access. It’s so important to play by the rules so you don’t find yourself with a fine that you didn’t expect, adding further costs and stress to the moving process. Depending on the site you’re accessing, you might even need swamp mat rental to ensure proper access and no damage is done.

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3. Start in Advance

Moving can be a really long process. First you’ve gotta figure out what area or city you’re moving to, then you’ll also need to find a new property. The length of time that process will take will depend a lot on whether you’re buying or renting. But don’t get distracted by those logistics, there’s also a lot you need to plan “on the ground” – I Suggest going around your home and taking an itinerary of all your big ticket items. You can use State’s content calculator to get an estimate of the total value of your items. Will you take everything with you? Or there some things you no longer want or need in your new place.Once you’ve tackled the bigger items, you’re going to want to sort through your things. I personally feel moving time is the best time for a cleanse. Get rid of things that just clutter your life, don’t bring you joy, or just stress yourself out. Starting early to clear things out will save you from being very stressed at the end.

Moving can be super stressful, but with these three tips I’m sure your move will go as smoothly as possible!