Are you keen to make sure that 2018 is a year of transformation and improvement? You’ll need a solid strategy to overhaul every aspect of your life, but will bring in the New Year and 2019 feeling much more accomplished if you achieve your goals.

Here are some of the top ways you can improve your life in 2018:

Work on your finances

Most of us don’t want to look at our bank accounts. For this reason, we end up controlled by money. We chase it, we have difficulty holding onto it, and we’re constantly at odds with it because we haven’t developed a good sense of discipline around what we save and what we spend.

Your finances are like gas. They’re your fuel that allows you to move from wherever you are right now, to where you actually want to be. If you don’t have enough money, you’ll simply stay where you are and remain stagnant.

That’s why it’s good to think about the goals you’re setting for yourself and how your spending habits are playing a role in sabotaging or achieving that goal. Spend some time going through your bank statement to see where you’re spending your money. You’ll easily be able to see where you should cut back and reinvest that money toward your goals.


Take care of your body

How many years have you decided you’re going to take care of yourself? Whether you find yourself mindlessly snacking every night or you haven’t been to the gym for months, now’s the time to think about how you can change these things. Often, the reason we’re not progressing with our health goals is simply because we’ve built up too many bad habits along the way.

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If you can’t be trusted not to eat an entire block of chocolate, don’t bring the larger blocks home at all and simply add a couple of mini bars to your shopping cart for treats. If you struggle to get to the gym, look at ways that you can get enough exercise outside instead. If you’re still smoking, switching to vaping can make a massive difference in your health and help prevent you from dying an early death.

Grow your brain

How many podcasts did you listen to last year? How many books did you read? Did you watch a single documentary? How many people have you been learning from? It’s likely that you’ll notice that you’ve been prioritizing output (meaning doing things, meeting with friends, and work) and not paying enough attention to input (learning, listening, and ready).

However, in order to grow, you need to focus on input. No matter how many goals you’ve been setting for yourself, these often mean more time spent on output. Instead, consider what type of goals you can set to give you enough time for input as well.

Personal projects

What are you working on for yourself? What type of personal projects have you been working on? These are the types of things that you’re creating only for yourself. This could be writing songs, painting on canvass.

These type of projects aren’t usually about furthering your career or making money (although they can end up doing these things), but they are about watering your soul.

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Cut out the negative

How many people in your life are supporting you continuously? And how many tend to give you negative feedback or bring you into a downward spiral? If you’re hoping to simplify and improve your life, it’s crucial to consider who you’re surrounding yourself with.

Toxic mother-in-law? Mean brother? When you’re around these types of people, they tend to suck your energy and make it difficult for you to feel happy and positive. This year, consider the types of boundaries you can set up for these types of people.