What are Braces?

Braces are used in the orthodontist that straighten and align your teeth and help position them with regard to a person’s bite so your teeth meet when your mouth is closed. They aim to improve dental health. Braces fix gaps and are often used to give you the correct underbites, overbites, crooked teeth, and many other flaws of the jaw and teeth. Braces can be either structural or cosmetic and their average price is around $600-7000 in 2024. The type of braces you get and how extensive your treatment will need to be can influence the pricing of your braces considerably.

What Affects the Cost of Brace Treatment?

The type of treatment you decide to go for will have a large effect on the cost of your plan. This also covers the cost of the materials and the amount of customization that is required to make them. As an example, metal braces and lingual braces might use similar materials to straighten your teeth, lingual braces need to be custom-made to make sure they fit properly along the inside of your teeth.

Standard metal braces use preformed archwires and brackets that come in a wide range of sizes which the orthodontist then selects and fits for each patient. They are the most affordable option. An increased level of customization usually increases the cost of treatment. Healthy and well functional teeth should last for a lifetime.

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If you require orthodontic treatment it is more helpful to think of it as finance for your future teeth. Orthodontic treatment requires a long-term plan so when the dentist presents you with the cost it will include all the costs that will be allied with your treatment. It also includes things such as assessments, consultations, and adjustments, orthodontic appliances, and post-treatment input.

Type of Treatment

There are a wide variety of different brace treatments, in which you need to decide which one will suit you best. There are many ways you can realign your teeth. The straightening options have become rather advanced in the years.

Different dental circumstances require different options. Different choices also mean different costs. Some of the types of braces you can choose from include metal braces (the conventional type), ceramic braces (tooth colored, clear brackets), lingual braces (almost invisible), and Invisalign (invisible, the clear alternative to metal braces).

Length of Treatment

The length of your brace treatment can also amend the price. Depending on the treatment you go for, some straighten your teeth at different speeds. Metal braces are the cheapest and quickest way of getting straighter teeth.

What is the Average Cost of Braces for Adults vs Teens?

While the most common age group to have braces is during the teenage years, braces actually have no age limit.

However, adults and teens brace costs differ because adult teeth have already functioned whereas children’s teeth are still growing when they get their braces. The cost of braces per month will vary.

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How Much Do Braces Generally Cost in Australia?

There are now a wide range of treatment options to suit any budget. Hence, the cost of braces in Australia will vary considerably, depending on your chosen plan.

Metal braces cost

Metal braces are the most popular and standard procedure of Orthodontic treatment in Australia. Also the most effective. Invisalign is only suitable for some people, braces have the power to fix the most difficult of cases. The cost of treating kids who have metal braces is usually around $4,000 to $8,500 and for adults, the cost is typically $4,000 to $9,300.

Ceramic braces cost

If you are wanting a more distinct look, ceramic braces use a tooth-colored ceramic bracket and archwire. Teens and adults are more likely to request the ceramics over the other treatments. The materials and the slightly longer treatment time does affect the cost. Ceramic braces do cost more than metal braces. The average cost of braces 2024 is $5,000 to $10,000.

Lingual braces cost

Lingual braces tend to cost more than traditional braces. Lingual braces are usually requested by adult patients. People will not even notice they are wearing braces. Also known as inside braces, lingual braces are the most expensive. This is because each bracket needs to be custom made in a laboratory to fit the back of each tooth.

Adjustment and check-up appointments with the Orthodontist are more frequent than any other kinds of brace treatments and appointments can also be longer. The usual cost for a single row of lingual braces is $7,000 and for top and bottom arches the cost is $14,500.

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Invisible braces cost

Invisalign braces are custom made plastic trays that are worn for two weeks each to move teeth into their desired position. The cost of Invisalign treatment can vary. The cost usually starts at $4,000 and can increase to $9,300.