It can be hard to be a guy. Many men lack the innate fashion sense and style that women have, and can end up wearing the same jeans for 10 years if they don’t learn a little about fashion.

If you’re continually feeling out of your comfort zone when it comes to getting dressed, here are some top fashion tips for men:

Match your shirt and ties

It can be tricky to match your shirt and ties correctly, so if this is something that you find impossible, don’t stress out. Luckily, there are a few rules you can follow to make sure you’re always leaving the house looking great.

In general, you want to make sure that your tie is darker than your shirt- regardless of the colours involved. And don’t be that guy wearing a tie that’s way too short either- your tie should reach all the way down to the top of your pants.

If you want to look well put together, first decide on the shirt you want to wear, and then pick a tie that features a similar colour. Your tie and collar should compliment each other and be similar sizes so the eye runs effortlessly over your outfit.

You never want to wear the same pattern on both your tie and your shirt- and if you’ve ever seen a guy wearing polka dots or stripes on both, you’ll know why. Keep the patterns separate, and make sure that the patterns on your tie are always bolder than your shirt.

If you do have a tie that’s patterned, aim to match at least one colour in the tie to your shirt. The same goes if you have a patterned shirt and neutral tie- make sure at least one colour matches. If you need some good looking shirts or ties, check out Jacamo.

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A good pair of shoes can pull an outfit together, and add some personality to your style. Woven trainers are huge this year, and even converse have embraced the trend, or invest in a comfortable but stylish pair of black or brown shoes for the office.


Accessories aren’t just for women, and guys who love backpacks are in luck this year, so your commute to the gym or the office just got way cooler. Many of the biggest designers have given the humble backpack a makeover, making it a style must for guys. The latest designs have black and navy leather, interesting focus points, and even chrome detailing to make them both work and gym appropriate.

Loose Pants

Finally, we’re saying goodbye to the skinny jean, meaning men around the world are breathing a sign of relief. Both chinos and trousers are becoming much more relaxed, so guys who have been avoiding super-tight pants like the plague are finally in luck. Now you can wear a nice pair of loose pants out at night without being the only guy doing so.