So you’re throwing a party, and you want it to be memorable – who wouldn’t? – but you don’t quite now how to wow your guests. Don’t worry, because we’re here with the ultimate guide to improving your party. From destination parties to the essential rentals and installations, this guide has it all.

Take your party on tour

Let’s start with location. Where is your party happening? Your backyard is a great place to host a party, but if you really want to step things up, consider hosting your party someplace unique. There are properties for rent all over the country through services like AirBNB, and while not every rental owner will let you throw a party at their place, these properties will work great as crash pads after you host your party on a lake, at the park, or at an exciting club or bar far from home.

Of course, you don’t have to go far from home. Changing the venue can be as simple as moving within your own town – after all, no matter where you live, there’s a good chance that you have plenty of parks and bars nearby, too.


Fun and games

Your party is (probably) not a five-year-old’s birthday party, I know, but hear me out: there are plenty of cool games you can play at parties for adults. You know about beer pong and other classic drinking games, of course, but not every game you play at your big event has to involve drinking. (In fact, some of your guests may appreciate it if you make sure they have ways to have fun without drinking. If you or a loved one suffers from a drinking problem, please seek help – look for AA meetings in your area or join another reputable program).

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Remember zip lines from summer camp? Well, you can rent them now. Really! Zip lines have come a long from their origins as transportation systems for folks in mountainous regions (really, that’s the real history of ziplines) and their ubiquitous roles in Costa Rican vacations – they’re now easy to set up just about anywhere, and can really bring your party to life. And while you may think zip lines are a good way to end up at the urgent care office or the dentist, they’re actually perfectly safe when installed and run by a qualified operator!

Next-level decor

The people make the party – but the atmosphere doesn’t hurt. Make sure that your party is full of the kind of vibes you’re aiming for. What this means is up to you: a disco ball and party streamers mean something different than a nice tablecloth and some candles. Just remember that no matter what sort of party atmosphere you’re looking to create, all of your decorations should be working in the same direction. Looking to throw a rager? An ice luge is a nice investment, and a keg is a staple. But don’t mix those with fancy decorations that you’ll be afraid of breaking.

The guest list is everything

If you’ve got the right location, activities, and decor, then you’re just about ready to throw your party – all you need now are your guests. And this, frankly, is the most important part of the party. You need enough people at your party to build some excitement, but don’t ever sacrifice quality for quantity. It’s better to have a few close friends and a lot of beer than it is to invite that guy that nobody really likes, or your boss, or your very religious grandmother. Warm bodies aren’t all you need for a good party – you need good conversation and good vibes, too. So make sure that every person on your guest list is a person that you’d enjoy spending a good chunk of the party with – because somebody at your party is going to end up talking to that person, and how they get along will determine how much fun those people have at your party. There’s a lot you can do to take your party to the next level, but without the right people, you don’t have a party at all!