There’s no denying that fintech apps are changing money management for the better. From helping us organize our accounting with a few taps, through to allowing us to easily invest before we’ve even gotten out of bed. If you’re not using apps to help you better manage your finances, then you’re quite simply missing out. Here are four ways fintech apps can help you:

1. Tracking Spending
You might be surprised but one of my weaknesses is tracking my spending. I’m good at figuring out where my money goes with bigger purchases and expenses, but with the little things I really have no idea. Installing an app that automates the tracking process makes it so much easier to figure out where your money is going. These fintech apps are smart and they guess and learn where you’re spending your money. If you make a transaction at Subway, for example, and categorise it as food, then next time you spend there they will automatically class it as a food expense. Knowing where your money is going makes it easier to see where you’re overspending and how much you can really save.

2. Investing
If you want to retire then you’re going to have to think about investing at some point. Investing through an app makes it easier than ever before to get yourself started in the stock market, bonds, managed funds… or whatever your heart desires. Once you’ve tracked your spending, you can set aside an amount each month that you can transfer into your investment app, allowing you to start getting ahead on your retirement savings.

3. Filing Taxes
There are apps you can use that help you manage your income and expenses, allowing you to figure out your tax obligations and to help with filing. The app you decide to use will depend on where you live, but there’s no reason to be stuck manually sorting through receipts and payments at the end of the tax year. Using an app automates the process and can save you so much time.

4. Find Rebates
This is the modern day version of coupon cutting. There are apps that will hunt out rebates for purchases you make, allowing you to have extra cash in your pocket for things you buy normally, anyway! Is there anything better than spending as you normally would and getting money back for it? There are so many rebate apps out there, but Drop is one of my favourites. I personally wouldn’t have the time to search online for all the rebates available, so having an app that does it automatically simply means I get rebates I would have missed out on!

Managing your finances can be easier than ever by using fintech apps to automate the process!

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