Having the support of 100 perfect VA disability ratings can offer peace of mind to eligible veterans. It could be the difference between a comfortable retirement or one where you’re continually cutting costs and counting dollars to get by. Imagine having the freedom to enjoy your retirement, where you can support your family, treat your grandkids and relax, knowing that your bills are all covered. With 100% VA disability benefits, a veteran can receive sums of money each month as well as extra benefits that aren’t open to veterans at a lower rate.

Getting the right support

Each case needs to be treated with care and diligence by an attorney (check out the Stone Rose Law website here) to achieve the best outcome. It’s vital to provide definitive evidence to support the claim and therefore receive the benefits you deserve. The disability rating that the VA assigns to the case is key to the amount of compensation and benefits that you, a disabled veteran, can receive.

After contacting a VA attorney, you can ensure you are providing correct and accurate information to achieve a higher percentage and therefore receive more financial support. An experienced veteran disability lawyer can assist in working through the complexities of a case, offering support and knowledge. With knowledge of the VA Compensation Appeal System, a VA attorney will be able to let you know the relevant evidence needed to obtain financial support and benefits for your individual case.

What are the benefits?

If you’re able to achieve 100% disability allowance, there are many benefits which you are potentially entitled to. Such as health care, which covers preventative care, mental health services, dental and vision care, medical equipment such as prosthetics and even the costs of nursing home care. Veterans may also be entitled to property tax waivers, income tax exemption on retirement pay, insurance and educational assistance.

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How can extra compensation be gained?

There are certain veterans with medical conditions who may be entitled to compensation beyond the 100 percent rating. Veterans who are housebound and need full nursing care or have suffered from lost limbs, damaged organs may qualify for special monthly compensation. 

In order to qualify for this type of compensation you must have one disability rated at 100 percent and another separate disability rated at least 60 percent. These types of cases are worth appealing for as, if the injury is so substantial that the veteran’s life is heavenly impacted, it’s crucial they are awarded the right support. A VA attorney can normally assist in each step of the appeal process, consult medical experts and be able to answer questions. 

All in all, make sure you know your rights and do your research. You could be owed a lot more than you are aware – find out what you are owed and pursue it, as it will be worthwhile in the long run.