If you haven’t heard of sports betting affiliate marketing, you’re not alone. But it’s well worth a try if you’re looking for some extra money.

Sports betting affiliate marketing allows sites with a large amount of traffic to advertise for sports betting sites (for a fee). A good example of this is the Titanbet website which is based in the UK or vulkan vegas kod promocyjny which is based in Poland. While visitors can choose from casino and sports betting, they also offer poker, live casino and in-pay betting opportunities and their site is both informative and easy-to-use.

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One of the reasons why Titanbet is a good example is because they’ve partnered with crypto marketing company Europartners. Europartners aim to attract more people to the website, targeting local visitors and directing them towards the sports betting site. With more than 70,000 affiliate sites, that basically means that those who choose to go with Europartners are ensuring their sites get a lot of exposure.

If you’re looking for other affiliate programs, consider William Hill, Betway or Coral– all of whom are great programs that can help you increase your income.  

There are many advantages when it comes to sports betting affiliate marketing. This is a type of marketing which can reach very far, and it’s also a very cheap way to market. Since the above examples of sports betting sites have sub-affiliates (smaller sites which also share information from the main site), it’s both easy and inexpensive to reach at least a few hundred thousand (or even up to a million) potential sports gamblers.

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The trick is to ensure that you associate your sports betting site with the best brands in the industry so you can retain credibility and have a better chance of success.


Another good reason to use sports betting affiliate marketing is because they often have revenue sharing contracts. A good example is William Hill which uses Affiliates United and has a tiered commission system. This means they use a combination of CPA (Cost per Acquisition, Sub-Affiliation and Revenue Share, and the commission these sites pay depends on how long the client is with the site, how much money made from the client, how much they deposit, and the type of games they’re participating in. This means that the sports betting site pays a small amount of commission to affiliate marketers and gets a great return when it comes to client numbers.

How does this work? In a nutshell, you pay your affiliates to help you gain visitors and increase the amount of sales. Your affiliates are creating similar relationships with businesses and websites similar to yours and also advertise your website to potential visitors who like to gamble. You receive additional visitors to your sports betting website, they gamble on the website and you have an increase in profit.

If you truly want to take your sports betting site to the next level, consider using sports betting affiliate marketing. The benefits are well worth it, and can completely transform your business model for the better.