Have you thought about why it is essential to promote and teach agriculture to people? Agricultural development is considered a powerful tool that helps to end poverty, helps to boost prosperity, and increase health around the world. There are estimates that it will help feed around 9.6 billion by the end of 2050.


Population growth is one crucial factor to watch out for on this planet, the most wonderful planet that humanity knows of so far. If individuals protect this planet and still provide a better quality of life to a large portion of the population, it will be necessary to understand the present state of agriculture and innovate further. This innovation and technological advancement is what will provide further value to people all around the world when it comes to food and health.


Recall that agriculture provides value in that it can also create a slew of direct and indirect jobs as well. If we focus on the growth in the agricultural business, it is two to four times more effective in increasing the income among the poor people. In essence, agriculture is essential for economic development.


Indeed, analyses indicate that around 65% of poor working adults were involved in agriculture to make their living. The truth is that agriculture matters.


The Agriculture Sector Serves as One of The Largest Employers!

It is a fact that agriculture is considered as one of the largest employers in the world. This has been reported by the food and agriculture organization of the US. It notes that there is an untapped reservoir of farm and non-farm opportunities in the field of agriculture.

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Factors Affecting the Growth of Agriculture Finance Market

The growth and deepening of the financial agriculture market are affected by certain factors that are:


-Policies that are not effective.

-Policies that are inadequate

-Transaction costs are high that reach the rural populations.

-There is also a covariance of market, production, and risks in price

-There is no adequate instrument that can manage risks.

-Lack of expertise of financial institutions that can easily manage and control agricultural loan portfolios


Highest Number of Farmlands

It is an interesting fact that there are about 914 million acres of farmland available in the United States. Recall that American agriculture is indeed the most efficient and productive economic system in the world (although it has only 2% of the population that is working in the industry). This is the reason the Agriculture industry is rated to be the largest food exporter of food and fiber.


Use of the Agriculture Industry to Feed People

On an average, a farmer in the agricultural industry can feed around 155 people. Previously in 1960, they were capable of feeding 26 people. Today farmers grow twice as much food as the previous farmers did, with less space, energy, and few emissions.


Agriculture, thus, constitutes a large portion of the economic sector. Most of the people are either directly or indirectly dependent on this industry.