For any young person in the USA, heading off to college can be a very expensive experience. For many people, this time is very tough, and some people even have to get a part-time job to make ends meet. Of course, once you have finished college, you can get a full-time job to pay the bills, but what about all of the debt?

In this article, we are going to give you some tips to help you budget after college. Keep reading to find out more.

Setting The Budget

If you really want to stick to a budget after college to start paying back your bills, then you need to make sure that you know how much you have. To do this, you must first set a budget and establish how much money you make and how much you have to spend on bills and loan repayments. You should be able to find some guidance online to help you with this. 

Getting Around

If you really need a car for getting around when you are finished up with college then this might cost you a large portion of your budget. The good news is that purchasing your first car after college can be less expensive if you are willing to buy a used car. While a used car like an Acura MDZ might come with over 100K miles, it can still get you around without going too much over budget. 

Meal Planning

One of the best habits to get into when you are budgeting after college is to start meal planning. It can be easier to spend more than you can afford when you are just picking up food on the night that you are going to make it. Try to plan your meals each week and buy your ingredients in advance. This should save you some money and help you stick to your budget. 

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Set Up An Emergency Fund

Our final tip for those who are planning on budgeting after college is to set up an emergency fund. Some financial advisors suggest that you set aside at least three months’ worth of living expenses to make sure that you are ready for anything that might come your way. This will obviously need to be incorporated into your budget to ensure that you are contributing to your savings account and getting this fund set up as quickly as possible. 


Budgeting after college is not easy, especially when this is the first time that you will be living out there in the real world by yourself. It is likely that you will have a large loan that you need to repay for your college tuition fees or living expenses during that time. Try to set a budget and make sure that you have enough cash to get you through life and set up an emergency fund. Buy a used car, plan your meals and you’ll be able to save some cash along the way.