Roulette is the third most popular casino game in the world, after Slots and Poker. This is because the game of Roulette is fun, exciting, easy to play, and has a certain amount of glamour attached to it.

While playing Roulette is quite simple and easy, betting blindly is not something you need to do. As such, here are some tips and tricks to help you in improving your chances of winning at the game in the long run.

Play the outside

Many players looking to win big at online Roulette are told to bet on specific numbers. Payouts for hitting your number spot on Roulette are rather slim at 35:1 but the odds of hitting the number are even less at 37:1. Therefore, betting on a single number may not be the best option if you don’t have a lot to work with. On the other hand, if you play the outside, you’ll have a nearly 50/50 chance of hitting a specific number.

Play European Roulette

If you have a choice between playing European Roulette and American Roulette, you must go for European Roulette.

The European wheel has a single zero, while the American variant features double zeros. This means that if you’re making an even-money bet or a column bet on an American wheel, the house edge is double that of a European wheel.

The house edge of European Roulette is 2.6%, and it’s 5.27% for American Roulette. It’s simple.

Try a betting strategy

Many players use a betting strategy to improve their chances of winning at Roulette. For example, in the Martingale (normally played on even money bets like red/black), you double your bet after a loss to claw yourself back to profit.

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But be careful as the bets can ramp up quickly if you experience a continuous losing streak. So, set yourself a maximum bet level and start off with a low bet. Also, don’t fall into the trap of gambler’s fallacy, where you bet red, for example, when you’ve seen five reds in a row. As Roulette is a game of chance, each spin is a new event, and it doesn’t matter what came up on the last 5 spins.

Don’t get emotional

It’s important that you don’t get emotional when you play. The game of Roulette involves the element of luck, so make sure you set a bankroll in advance. And if it’s lost, you must leave the game.

The gameplay of Roulette is very thrilling and exciting, so it’s easy to spend a large amount of money, without thinking about it. Hence, it’s important that you keep track of your bankroll and also have fun.

Try multiplayer Roulette

Playing Roulette online doesn’t mean you have to always go it alone. Some of the best Roulette strategy development happens when you watch other players. And this is when multiplayer Roulette comes into play. You still have to play against the house, but there are other players at the table with you.