If you’re like many people, you probably have some financial goals you’d like to meet next year. This could be finally paying off your credit cards, saving for a down payment so you can purchase your own home, kickstarting your retirement, or simply going on a vacation.

Whatever your goals, the best way to achieve those goals is by having a plan in place. Here’s how you can get your finances sorted in 2019:

Make small steps

If you have a big goal, you may find it overwhelming- which can make it easier to put off. The best way to meet that goal is by breaking it up into small, achievable milestones. For example, if you’d like to save for a goal, the first step would be comparing savings accounts to get the best interest rate. The second step would be committing to a small deposit each week etc. If you’d like to invest for your retirement, there are plenty of great apps on the market- such as Acorns, which will help you meet those goals- e.g by ‘rounding up’ each of your purchases and putting the extra money toward your investment.

Tackle your debt

So much of the way we feel about ourselves is connected to how well we manage our finances. When we’re in debt, it can be tempting to ignore it or sweep it under the rug. Instead, make 2019 the year you make a conscious effort to pay off that debt. If you have credit card debt, look for a company that will let you transfer your current balance for an interest-free period, and truly commit to paying off as much as you can each month. At the same time, services like 24 Cash can help you if you really need it.

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Write down your goals

Studies have shown that we’re much more likely to achieve our goals when we write them down. If you’ve got some big goals, writing down a plan to achieve them, and why you’d like to achieve them will help you stay motivated when the going gets tough.

This is the perfect time to take stock of your finances and consider what you’d really like to achieve in 2019 and beyond. Once you’ve written down your goals, create milestones so you can stay on track and reward yourself along the way. Keep your list somewhere you can easily see it, and you’ll find it much easier to achieve those goals in 2019.