Your guide to creating catchy and creative video advertisements. 

Do you still remember that one video ad from the past that left you speechless or an ad that left you laughing endlessly? Well, we are here to help you master that art of developing video ads that will remain in the hearts of the audience forever. 

Before we begin, let’s talk about what exactly is video advertising and what are its objectives. 

What is Video Advertising?

Video advertising is a type of promotional or marketing video that is played on various streaming platforms, like televisions or OTT platforms. 

Social media applications, like Facebook and Instagram, are also allowing video advertising for brands these days. 

Now, what are the benefits of video advertising? Take a look at the points given below.

  • Audiences are watching more video-based content than word-based. 
  • People also share videos more than they share other content.
  • Video ads have greater visibility due to search engine algorithms.
  • Video ads can convey a lot of information in just minutes.
  • These ads offer flexibility to users if they wish to skip or continue watching.
  • Video ads help portray a story that can leave an impact on people.
  • Catchy colors and themes of videos gain audience attention. 
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Thus, it becomes important for your brand’s marketing team to create a beautiful, engaging, and informative advertisement. 

5 Tips to Create Flawless Video Ads

Given below are the best five tips that can help you create flawless video ads for your brand. 

1. Know Your Audience

Knowing your audience is the basic rule of marketing. Be it content marketing or video advertisements, you should always keep in mind your audience. 

For example, if it is a baby product, try to make the ad from the perspective of a parent rather than the baby itself. It is because your target audience are the parents, not the baby.

Additionally, before uploading the ad, check the platform where it can gain the most recognition. 

2. Keep Your Ads Relevant

We highly recommend keeping your ads relevant. By relevant, we mean that when you’re creating an ad, decide where you are going to put it up. 

If it is social media, get to know the latest trends, and create a fun video ad out of it. 

If your ads are relevant to the current scenario and trends, the audience will be able to relate more to it than the generic ads. 

3. Grab Your Audience’s Attention

Creating basic ads can no longer help you in this competitive world. You need to go all out for the audience to notice your brand’s ad. 

You can do it in various ways like:

  • Involve the art of storytelling in your ads
  • Choose influential people to act in your ads
  • Use color combinations that are pleasing to eyes
  • Choose a background score that can instantly capture attention
  • Make it conversational by using words like ‘You’ and ‘Us’.
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4. Find Influencers and Creators

In the advertising world, it is very important to establish contacts. Try to contact social media influencers or YouTube content creators to promote your ads in their videos. 

However, again, stay relevant. If you are a beauty-based brand, go for a youtuber who is into beauty blogging, not gaming. 

This way they earn their bit and you get to promote yourself amongst millions of users and viewers. 

5. Make your Ads Raw and Emotional

Video ads that have a raw touch to them are more likely to get famous unlike those that are very technical. 

For example, if you are trying to sell a food product, you can relate the video ad with the nostalgic elements of home-made food by mothers. This way you are establishing an emotional connection with your audience.  


In conclusion, you can easily touch millions of hearts and influence people, through just your video advertisements. 

So, just take the above points into consideration and begin writing a script for your video ad!