In an ideal world, college students would be able to devote all of their time to studying and developing their social life. However, most kids in college need a side hustle of some kind in order to manage their finances. Unfortunately, finding the right part-time job in college can be more difficult than it first seems. Here, we’ll list our top picks for the best jobs available to college students and explain how you can make the extra money you need:


It’s important first to note that you have to be 21-years old to start driving for Uber –– so underclassmen will probably have to look elsewhere for employment. For individuals of age, though, Uber is an awesome college job because the hours are so flexible; you only have to work when you want.

Restaurant Industry

Local restaurants are always in need of waiters, waitresses, hosts, hostesses, and auxiliary help in general. It may not be the most glamorous first job to take, but picking up a few hours at a nearby establishment could help you secure some vital cash. What’s more, restaurants most often hire college students to cover weekend or night shifts, so your job shouldn’t clash with your school schedule.


Are you especially adept at a certain subject? If so, then you can put that knowledge to good use as a tutor for your classmates. It doesn’t matter if you’re a maven with cell culture inserts or know Shakespeare’s sonnets inside and out, tutoring a fellow student is both a profitable and beneficial use of your free time.  

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On-Campus Assistant

Working in the library, for the film department, in the mailroom, as a tour guide, or at the campus coffee shop are awesome jobs to pick up because 1) the university creates them specifically for students and 2) you’ll never have to leave campus for work. The only problem with these positions is that because of their flexible hours and relatively low difficulty, they are typically highly sought after.

Resident Advisor

What could be more convenient than getting a job on campus? Getting one in your own dorm! Being a resident advisor (RA) may not always be fun, but it comes with some serious benefits. For one, most resident advisors receive compensation in the form of free room and board. In addition, being a resident advisor can help you develop management skills, and it looks great to have on your resume!

The Bottom Line

It’s best to find a job near your school that pays well and that doesn’t infringe too much on your social life of your study time. Though those conditions may be difficult to meet, a little application can go a long way in this regard. Keep your head up and your ears open, and you’ll be sure to land the perfect part-time position for your needs!