Utah is quickly becoming a world class destination. Each year thousands of people flock to the Sundance Film Festival, and ski the greatest powder in the world. Not only is there plenty to do outdoors, its diverse economy is drawing businesses from all across the world in sectors like information technology, aerospace and financial technology.  Here are the 10 fastest growing companies in Utah.

  1. Jane

Jane is an e-commerce website that was founded in 2011, and has seen $57 million in revenue in 2014. The site features women’s fashion, children’s clothing and home décor products from a curated selection of companies.


  1. SkyRocket Media

Customer acquisition firm SkyRocket Media is headquartered in Pleasant Grove, Utah, and uses a blend of pay-per-click advertising, search engine optimization and business intelligence to drive leads for their business partners.

  1. Crest Financial Services

A major player in the FinTech scene, Crest Financial is a “No Credit Needed” financing company that partners with retailers in the furniture, automotive, home improvement and appliances space, among others.

  1. Mac Warehouse

Between refurbishing preowned Apple products and selling Apple laptops, accessories and even Beats Audio through their retail outlet store in Sandy, Utah, Mac Warehouse has grown revenue to $53 million in 2014.


  1. Lancera

When a client roster includes the likes of Seiko, Brigham Young University and Dell, and about $3 million in revenue in 2014, it’s no wonder software solutions company Lancera made the list.

  1. Auric Solar

It seems like everyone is talking about residential solar power these days, and Auric Solar is a big provider of solar panels in Utah and Idaho.

  1. Pluralsight
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Pluralsight offers more than 4,500 educational courses in software development, design, data, business and more. The company pulled in $64 million in 2014 sales, and grew from 10 to 371 employees in that period of time.


  1. Nudge

Lindon, Utah based Nudge provides services like real estate investment education to property listings, and has hired 614 employees from 2011 to 2014.

  1. Utopian Luxury Vacation Homes

This high end accomodations provider brought in $5 million in revenue for 2014, which is a 1,300 percent increase since 2011. The company has properties in Aspen, Park City, Austin and Palm Springs.

  1. BodyGuardz

Founded in Draper in 2002, BodyGuardz makes screen protectors for a variety of electronic devices, and made the Inc. 500 list for being the 436th fastest-growing company in 2015.