As we see an increase in zero hours contracts, and the UK is heading towards more and more people wanting the independence of working for themselves, setting up as a hairdresser is a popular option. Whether you want to be freelance and work from a salon space, or visit people in their homes, there are a few different approaches to becoming a hairdresser. In addition to the important training in hair and beauty, we have a look at some of the skills you will need to become a hairdresser.


We don’t mean in a yoga way! Our society thrives on being busy. As such, many people are juggling different commitments, from work to children and anything in between. Offering flexible hours will ensure that you pick up customers who may otherwise struggle to get their hair done. You may decide to do this through visiting clients in their homes, or offering evening appointments.

Expocosmética Model Presentation Man Hairdresser

Expocosmética Model Presentation Man Hairdresser


In addition to being flexible with your timings, you will benefit from offering flexibility in terms of treatments. If you can cut, dye and style hair, then you will build a client list. Offering something extra, such as nails or facials will mean you can expand your market. This requires a resilient attitude and problem solving.

Once you have taken the step toward setting up a hairdressing business, you will want to see it grow and stay busy. By offering different services, you will find customers coming for one thing and leaving with another!

Friendly and outgoing

Your job will mean working with customers from all walks of life. As such, you will not only need to be friendly, but patient and understanding too. Some people rarely sit still, and when they do they start to think! As such, many hairdressers find that clients open up to them. It is important to have boundaries, but also offer a safe space to talk. Being someone who listens and makes conversation easily will really benefit you.

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This extends to your marketing, in that social media can be a very effective way for you to connect with an audience. Be welcoming and show a little of your personality and you will build a good word-of-mouth reputation.

Well organised

You will need to be well organised and decide what system you are going to use for people to make bookings. This could be in the form of a diary and pen, or you may choose to digitalise it.