Buying a suit online can be a great way to save some money and have access to a wider range of fabrics, styles and colours. I’m a big fan of buying my clothes online, but buying a suit online can feel a little worrisome, after all the fit really matters. If you’re thinking about buying a new suit and want to know where to buy it, and also tips for buying a suit online and getting one that you love, continue reading to learn more.

Best Place to Buy a Suit Online
There are so many shops online that it can be overwhelming choosing where to buy your suit. You’re going to want to find a balance between a great price, and quality that will last. That’s why my favourite place for buying suits online is Hockerty with their beautiful and fashionable custom suits. Here you’ll find numerous suit designs that are trendy and timeless, ensuring there is the perfect suit for every one.

Always go for Custom
I suggest that it’s always worthwhile investing in a custom suit because there’s a lot to be said about wearing a suit that was literally made for you. Buying off the rack can sometimes work out well, but because every one’s body is so different, you can usually tell when someone’s wearing a custom suit or a generic size. I also think there’s something quite luxurious about owning a suit that’s been made just for you. Many people are apprehensive that a custom suit may be very expensive, but Hockerty have a range of custom suits at price points to match almost every budget. If you have some suits already that don’t fit you perfectly, you can update them by having them tailored. The reality is, however, that you may be surprised to find that tailoring your existing suits can be more expensive than ordering a custom made Hockerty suit online.

Get a Classic Suit
There are so many fun and trendy suits out there, and there’s absolutely no harm in adding one or two to your collection. However I always suggest that you have at least two classic suits in your closet – a black suit is absolutely essential and can cover you for a range of events, from fun events like weddings, to business meetings and also for more solemn events like funerals. I also suggest that people keep a navy suit in their closet, as it can be seen as a little less formal than a black suit making it better suited for daytime or early evening events. Once you have two basic suits, you can then add more trendy styles to your collection. A navy suit and a black suit will always be in fashion. If you want a cheaper way to add some personality to more basic suits, invest in interesting ties or edgy shirts to give your outfit a bit more personality.

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Shopping online for clothing may feel risky, but when you’re ordering a custom suit made exactly to your measurements, you know you can’t go wrong!