Gone are the days when brands could advertise on TV, send flyers out in the post, or even drop the odd email into our inbox and rake in the moolah. Millennials (that generation that grew up with technology at their fingertips) are changing the game and ensuring that brands need to bring their A game to remain competitive.


Personally, I’m only going to engage with interesting brands online. That means brands that are providing me with interesting, relevant content. Many makeup brands have clicked onto this fact, and are blowing up Instagram with their collaborations with makeup artists and vloggers.


As someone who travels frequently, I follow a number of airlines on Twitter. This means that I can easily grab deals when they’re released, or learn about what’s going on in the industry. But if a brand becomes too boring, generic, or annoying, I have no hesitation in clicking that unfollow button. And that’s something that’s uniquely millennial as well- we have no loyalty to brands and will switch to a competitor the moment someone we trust tells us that they’re better.


This is why so many brands are working hard to create millennial-friendly content. We want helpful blog posts, engaging Facebook videos, and funny tweets. 4imprint has recently released a video about marketing to millennials, and it’s full of interesting information, check it out below:

YouTube video


Marketers need to find a way to connect with our generation, which can be difficult considering we choose Netflix over TV, we’re always on our phones, and aren’t the types to read our junk mail. Instead, they need to focus on online content.

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Did you know that 56% of millennials will discuss their experiences with brands on social media? This is actually a great thing, as it forces brands to remain accountable and give great customer service- otherwise they get named and shamed. The last thing a brand needs is a customer with thousands of followers talking about a bad experience.


And it turns out that 60% of us are swayed by social advertising. That’s because if this type of advertising is done well, it keeps us engaged with the brands we know and love, and prevents us from trying something new.


If you’re not part of the 71% of millennials who have liked a brand on Facebook in return for an offer, you need to up your game. Plenty of brands are bribing us with food, tickets, discounts, and more in return for our like. Of course, there’s no guarantee that we won’t unlike the page, which is why these brands also need a social media superstar to keep followers interested.


As someone who works in marketing, I’m also not surprised that 62% of the millennials surveyed for the video feel that online content drives brand loyalty. That’s because great content allows brands to connect with their customers, answer their questions, and keep them coming back for more.