As far as your employees are concerned, one of the most important parts of your business is payroll – after all, that’s how they get paid for their work. It can be quite daunting at times, but there are some things you can do to make payroll much more simple.

Use an automated system

Calculating payroll with the various deductions that are needed is a lot more difficult than it sounds and is certainly not something you should try to do manually as it is a waste of time and brainpower. There are many options for payroll software that make the process much quicker and easier, as well as reducing the risk of human error that could leave your employees feeling very disgruntled.

Allocate one specific person or department to operate the system and ensure payroll is completed at the correct time each month – this might be HR, or the accounting department, subject to what your individual company has. Although this task should be allocated to one or two specific people, depending on how many people are on your payroll, to avoid too many cooks spoiling the broth, it’s also important that there are other people who know how to use the system, just in case the others are ever unwell or unable to complete the payroll processes.

Use online payslips

We are moving more and more towards a paperless world, which is good news for the environment and also the many filing cabinets that are bursting with paperwork. Payslips are no exception, and allowing your staff to download their payslips digitally is a really useful option, for them and for you. You don’t need to send out hardcopy versions, and they are able to download their documentation as needed.

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Empower your employees to take ownership of admin

The more of the process you can get your employees to do, the better. Give them the power to update their personal details when they change, such as addresses or bank details. It’s only a small thing, but it’s one less thing for you or your team to be worrying about, and these small pockets of time really add up.

Keep policies simple

Ensure policies on things such as paid leave, mileage, and expenses are really straightforward and easy to understand. This will make processing these things really simple and leave more room for error. Try to keep the policies the same across the board – your employees will appreciate this, as they will know where they stand and what they are entitled to, and your HR or payroll teams will be grateful for simplicity too. Everyone is happy.

Payroll is vital to your business – your employees are likely not going to want to work for you if they’re not getting paid for it, but that doesn’t mean it has to be stressful. As you can see, there are several different ways you can streamline this process and make things easier and more efficient.