Summer is a time for many activities. This is when you take a vacation and relax. It’s also when you want to stay home and cool off. If you are making plans for the summer, fixing up your home can help. These are the paint colors that will keep it cool and breezy no matter how hot it gets outside your doors.


Mint Green


Minty green is one of those colors that says summer is on the horizon. Taking inspiration from the herb of the same name, mint green is about making the best of nature. This is one color that can come in several types of hues. Bring in a bit of white to make it ideal for summer. You can use this one as the base color on your walls and bedding. It also goes well when it comes to bringing in the kind of accessories that invite people to come on over for a tea party in the middle of the afternoon. This color pairs well with many other colors. Use it with a deep shade of rose to bring out the slightly darker tones in the hue and pull it together.


Pearl Grey


Pearl grey is grey with a bit of white to it. This is a good color for the siding in your home. Grey is an understated color that calls to mind long days by the beach and rainy days inside playing games with family and friends. This color allows your home to blend in well with other colors on your lot. It’s the color of early, dewy mornings with a cup of coffee in hand as you wait for the rest of the day. Use grey to bring in a background that sets the tone for the other colors you want to use. It will make any other color in your home pop more vividly. Use it with a brighter summer color such as navy blue or a rich, earthy brown.

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Sky Blue


Sky blue immediately evokes a sense of being outdoors. This is one color that has it all. It’s cool and inviting on a humid day. It’s also one color that works well with many other summer colors. Sky blue can be combined with other shades of blue very well. Bring in midnight blue for the interplay of light and dark that brings summer to life. Use it with a bit of pink in a child’s room. Sky blue is a good choice for your summer textiles. Hang sky blue curtains in a guest bedroom to keep it light and airy. Add sky blue chair covers to make your dining room right for a casual Sunday brunch.


Sunshine Yellow


Sunshine yellow is one color that people think of immediately when they think about summer. Yellow with lots of dark golden tones stands out and makes people happy. Celebrate the summer and paint your kitchen this way. Add yellow seat cushions and a table runner to your breakfast nook. Yellow works well with lots of colors in the color wheel. Deep pink is a good way to add similar hues to your summer décor plans. Turquoise, soft peach and a hint of white are also ideal when you want to keep it cool and inviting.