One of the best ways to show appreciation and bond with a coworker is to throw a party in honor of their birthday. Finding the ideal present without going overboard might be difficult. The good news is that there are many inexpensive ways to brighten a coworker’s day without breaking the bank. Listed below are seven inexpensive yet meaningful present options.

1- A Personalized Coffee Cup

Your coworker will appreciate the thoughtfulness and practicality of a custom coffee mug every morning on the way to work. You may personalize the mug by printing it with a kind message or their name. They can use it daily, and it will put a special touch on their daily routine.

2- A Desk Plant

Bringing plant life into a coworker’s office can brighten the atmosphere and boost morale. Choose a small, low-maintenance desk plant, like a succulent or little cactus. These plants can survive with minimum care in low-light office settings.

3- A Journal or Notebook

Give your coworker a trendy diary or notebook to spark their imagination and help them stay organized. They can use it to store and organize thoughts, to-do lists, and progress toward goals. Choose a lightweight and small form factor that only takes up a little room in their purse or desk.

4- A Candle

Since they help set a relaxing mood, candles are frequently given as presents. Your coworker can use them to relax at home after a long day, and you will benefit from the gift. Pick a candle with a scent that will bring them comfort, like lavender or vanilla, or one that they will love—visit for a large selection of high-quality candles at reasonable prices.

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5- Customized Sticky Notes

Using personalized sticky notes helps keep your coworkers motivated and on track. You can add the person’s name or a message of encouragement on the sticky notes. These colorful Post-it notes can be used as visual cues for meetings, personal reminders, or to spice up their workstation in any of these three ways.

6- A Fun Desk Toy

If you want to cheer up a coworker’s workspace and give them something to do during their breaks, consider giving them a simple yet entertaining desk toy. Employees experiencing stressful workdays may benefit from using a stress ball, puzzle, or fidget spinner to help them relax and get back on track.

7- Homemade Treats

Nothing screams “happy birthday” like a plate of goodies you created yourself. Make a batch of your favorite cookies, muffins, or brownies and package them in a pretty jar or box. The extra time and care put into a homemade goodie make it a thoughtful and appreciated gift for a workplace.

Remember that not how much you spend but how much thought you put into present matters. You may find a gift for just about anybody on our list of seven suggestions. To see a smile of pure joy on your co-worker’s faces on their special day, pick the one that speaks most to who they are and what they enjoy.