A person’s DNA can reveal a lot of information, from the likelihood of developing certain types of cancer to predicting food preferences! In the past, genetic testing used to be very expensive and only available through a healthcare provider. Therefore, most people lived their entire lives with an incomplete knowledge of their own history. Nowadays, testing your own DNA is as simple as ordering a kit online, taking a cheek swab, and mailing it in for analysis. It has never been easier to break down a person’s past, present, and future through genetics until now, and the information is too valuable to pass up. If you’ve never considered genetic testing before, here are 4 interesting benefits of DNA testing.


1. Improved fitness


We all know exercise is good for you, but it affects every person differently depending on their genetics. One person’s metabolism, recovery rate, cardiovascular health, ability to process oxygen, and muscle strength can differ from another’s, simply due to their parentage. Having your DNA analyzed can help you reach your fitness goals by honing in on your genetic strengths and weaknesses. With this information, you can personalize your nutrition and exercise plan to maximize any potential gains. This can be especially useful for professional athletes or bodybuilders looking to gain a competitive edge.


2. Better health


Perhaps the most important benefit of DNA testing is its ability to help people make informed decisions about their health. With today’s tests, you can identify your own personal risk of developing cancer, chronic conditions, or any recessive, congenital defects that can be passed to future offspring. You can also achieve this through ancestral DNA testing, which then identifies what diseases you may be prone to based on where your family came from.

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3. Connecting to family


There are a few ways DNA testing can strengthen family bonds. One thing DNA testing can do is break down a person’s ethnic makeup, ultimately connecting them to a rich culture they may not have known they were part of. Also, people in search of living relatives can easily order a testing kit online and reconnect with lost family members. DNA testing additionally clarifies paternity, siblingship, and any other blood-ties between two people. Finally, reputable DNA testing companies will bank DNA samples for future comparison to other incoming samples, so there’s a chance that somebody may end up finding you through a future test.


4. Contributing to science


As more DNA samples are collected, the base of scientific knowledge grows. Through this accumulation of knowledge, scientists can better understand how our genetic makeup determines our outcomes. In essence, an individual DNA sample contains valuable data. Once enough samples are compiled, the data can be analyzed to learn about different populations based on where they live or their familial background. Eventually, this information can be used to develop public programs, therapies and tests for illnesses, and more. Basically, DNA testing doesn’t just help you; it can help humanity.