When you have to plan a funeral, it can be challenging to think of all the details involved while mourning the loss of a loved one. Many people are unsure of how much the average funeral costs and how to afford the many different expenses involved. If you want to get an idea of the cost of a funeral and how to pay for everything, there are a few facts to learn to ensure you can save more.

Skip Embalming

The average cost to embalm someone who has passed away is $700.. You can request refrigeration with the funeral home, which can lead to more savings on an unnecessary expense.

Shop Around for a Casket or Urn

Although it may be convenient to purchase a casket or urn through the funeral home, the prices are often higher compared to other stores or websites. Consider shopping around to compare prices and find the best deal. Many states don’t require you to purchase the product from the funeral home, and the funeral home won’t be capable of charging you a handling fee if you decide to buy one from another place.

One of the best places to look is at warehouse clubs, which offer quality products at a lower rate. You can save hundreds of dollars on the item without compromising on the decorative appeal of the product.

Submit a Donation to a Medical School

You can avoid the costs of transportation and handling of the remains if you make a donation to a medical school. Some medical schools are willing to coordinate the donation at a later date if you don’t immediately have the funds. If you decide to cremate the individual, the medical school will return the remains to you once their study comes to an end, which is an average of one to two years.

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Host the Funeral at Home

Hosting the funeral at your own property can save thousands of dollars and offer more convenience instead of going through a funeral home. It’s legal to say goodbye to a loved one in the comfort of your home. After the individual passes on, you can obtain a death certificate and handle the body on your own before finding a resting place, which was a common process until the 20th century.

Control Extra Expenses

Extra charges can add up to a lot. Keep your costs lower by skipping the obituary that the funeral home may charge. The service can also be held at a church instead of at the funeral home. You can also handle the flowers, programs, and thank you cards to make the funeral more affordable. These are tasks you don’t need experience doing to save more money instead of leaving the services to the funeral home.

Avoid Prepaying Any of the Costs

Many people make the mistake of prepaying on a cemetery plot but can’t get a refund if they choose to move to another state. Avoid prepaying for anything to avoid losing your money if your plans change. Some of your children or grandchildren may also not be aware that you’ve prepaid at a certain location and can resort to going elsewhere, which can lead to thousands of dollars in loss.

Knowing how to manage funeral costs can make it easier to navigate the process and make it a memorable experience that doesn’t leave you in debt. Knowing how to save more money will make it less of a burden and can help you to avoid costly mistakes along the way.