Ahh, there is something sincerely magical about camping. I don’t know about you, but quite often. I feel a little crushed by life. Maybe it’s the way society operates; maybe I’m just too gentle. But some days, I feel I wasn’t meant for these times. Some days it feels like I’m just grinding away at my life little by little, and I have to wonder. What else is there? It’s during these kinds of long dark expeditions into my subconscious that I remind myself. It’s important to take breaks. It is important to remember that sometimes when you’re burnt out. You need to remind yourself of all the things you love. This brings us back to camping. Because camping. Is something I LOVE. I can’t think of any other activity that puts my mind at ease, like camping. The solitude, the tranquility. The beauty of this natural world, and all its abundance. It’s incredible.

The only problem is. Camping isn’t cheap! When you add up the cost of travel gear, maintaining your car, getting all the latest sprinter van accessories, and all the incidental supplies you need. That cost racks up quickly! Something I do however to make room in my budget is to save as much on gas as possible. Now, if you’re thinking. “Wow, I wish I knew how to save on gas.” Well, you’re in luck! Because in the spirit of making room for the passion in your life. I’ve compiled this fantastic guide to some great ways to save money. So you don’t have to pay for an arm and a leg at the pump! 

Banking On Your Bike


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Imagine yourself on a typical day. You’re driving around your neighborhood. You have the day off, so you don’t need to commute. And you’re enjoying yourself. You’re enjoying picking up groceries and running errands. Doing all the little things you’ve wanted to do for yourself, but you haven’t quite had the time to lately. While you imagine this, I ask that you consider something. How far are you traveling around, do you think? If you were to give yourself a measurement of a radius in miles, from where you live to your farthest errand. What would that measurement be? If it’s less than four miles, this is the entry for you. Because my first suggestion on how to save your gas is to…Ride your bike! Cycling is a great way to quickly get around short distances. Also, depending on where you live, cycling can be faster than driving! Skip the traffic and gridlock and get to where you’re going in a safe and fiscally responsible manner! Not only is biking convenient but it’s quite healthy too. This is an added boon for you if you’ve been looking for extra ways to get that exercise in! 


The Ways You Drive


Now, this next entry will focus a little more on some of the technical aspects of driving. A great way to save on gas is to use your car more efficiently. And a great way to use your car more efficiently is to tighten up on some of your driving techniques. Now, if you’re the next Andretti, you may not need these tips. But for the rest of us let’s dive in! The first aspect of driving refinement I’d like to discuss is your lane positioning. Now, this is a broad topic and can mean many different things. But for our purposes, let’s think of it this way. When you’re driving. Do you constantly speed up to the car in front of you and immediately have to pump on the brakes? You might be positioning yourself in your lane poorly if you’re doing this. This can consume a ton of gas as it’s difficult for your engine to keep up with the constant ramping up and slowing down of your speed. My advice is simply to slow down. Try to maintain a distance of eight seconds behind the car in front of you. This allows gas to be doled out in an even and efficient manner while you operate your vehicle! 

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When trying to save money, one of the first things people consider is their gas consumption. Fueling up our cars is one of life’s significant expenditures. But if you make some select and tiny adjustments to your daily life. You can save a ton of money every month at the pump. And with that money, you can free yourself to follow your passions! Don’t be like me, burnt out with nowhere to go and no money to do anything with. Get ahead in your life, and make these adjustments. And marvel at the way the world turns around for you!