Spending money on heating, cooling and utilities can be one of the biggest frustrations for renters and homeowners alike. Using common sense, various technological tools, and being aware of your power consumption, you can reduce your power bill by as much as one-third just by making some small changes.

Most people know about some of the basic things they can do to decrease their electric bill, like being more mindful of what you use, but you can also take bigger steps like investing in better appliances to accomplish more of your goals. These are more expensive in the short run but they can really pay off over time. One reason your appliance may be more power-hungry than usual could be that there is a fault with it causing it to run inefficiently. In such cases, it may be worth calling out a professional (such as those found here – https://www.SmyrnaApplianceFix.com) to help you assess the situation and get the problem fixed.

Make Things Simple by Turning Off the Lights

Go through your house one room at a time and look at anything that has lights that are turned on that you are not using, especially if they are using incandescent light bulbs. Closets, bathrooms and frequently, kitchens will use incandescent lights because they get to maximum brightness immediately.


Consider an Efficient AC

The power usage based on your air conditioner can be extremely difficult to deal with. You could be paying more for air conditioning than everything else in your house together unless you have an option that works for you. Choosing something that’s energy efficient as well as easy to install like ductless air conditioning may be one of the best things you can do for your home. “Some people save well over 50% ontheir energy bill when they switch their older system in for a new one. If the system is energy efficient, it becomes more of an investment rather than an expense” says Alex, President of ComfortUp.

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There are multiple different alternatives to running your air conditioner all the time as well including ice in front of a fan, generating a breeze in the home at night when the outside air is cooler, and turning off any heat generating electronics. Turning off the electronics when you are not using them is one of the best tips that can help you to get more out of your power usage.

Keep Appliances Off

Many people do not realize the heat that is emitted by these machines as well as the general power that they are pulling on a regular basis. Having these turned off and unplugged whenever you are not using them can have a significant impact on your utility bill as well as your overall environmental footprint.

It might seem easier to leave that computer monitor on overnight or any other appliance, but the truth is that as you’re not using it, you’re not only drawing power but generating heat. That’s no good in the summer when you’re investing the biggest portion of your electric bill to keep your home cool. You might be surprised at how easy it is to shut off some of these appliances in order to get the electric bill down and get the most out of your appliance. When it comes to systems like computers, it’s not good for them to run full time anyways and you could be cutting their lifespan short.

Being smart about your energy choices and conducting an audit on a regular basis to determine what you can do better can make things very simple.

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