There is no doubt that the most inexpensive way to transport a car for a long-distance is driving it yourself. Although driving a car is the cheapest option, it might be inconvenient and time-consuming.

Having your car shipped by reputable shipping services is the best option compared to driving. When it comes to the cost of shipping a car, several factors come into place. Luckily, you can do something to minimize the cost of shipping a vehicle.

Reducing the cost of shipping a car doesn’t necessarily mean considering cheap auto transport companies’ services. Sometimes companies charge a lower fee and comprise the quality of services. As a result, you may experience poor customer service, delayed delivery of your car, and extreme anxiety about the fate of your vehicle. Here are some of the things you should consider to lower the cost of shipping your car.

Flexible Dates

Auto transport companies allow you to choose a pick and delivery date that is convenient for you. That’s said, this option comes with extra charges. If you want to pay less, you can allow the company to decide the exact date they will pick and deliver the vehicles.

Additionally, some companies may give you a discount if you allow them to pick up and deliver your car in a day that isn’t busy. While choosing any of the options, it is prudent to consider your availability and convenience. Don’t let them choose a date when you won’t be available to pick up or drop off your car.


If you are comfortable with waiting for the off-peak period, the better. If you reside on the coast, it is essential to know that coast to coast auto shipping is busy during summer. The fall and spring are also peak seasons for car transporters due to snowbirds, who want to temporarily move from the cold northern states to warmer southern states. So, if you live in any of these places, it is less expensive to transport your car during off-seasons.

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Besides, it is wise to book auto services in advance so that the shipping company can have ample time to plan how the car will be transported. Urgent auto shipping services are always more expensive.

Ask for Quotes from Several Companies

The auto company with the lowest rates is not always the best. Research companies online to get a clue of the average shipping rates. If a company charges a low rate, that’s a red flag that you might not be impressed with their services.

Shop around to compare several quotes. Nowadays, companies allow you to estimate shipping costs by offering quote calculators where you key in your car’s location, weight, and size. This method is helpful, transparent, and convenient, especially to people who have never shipped a car before.

Terminal to Terminal Shipping

Although it’s more convenient to have your car delivered to your home, it is expensive compared to terminal-to-terminal shipping. With terminal-to-terminal shipping, you have to deliver and pick up your vehicle at a designated terminal where other cars are waiting to be transported to clients. The transporter enjoys economies of scale since they don’t have to deliver vehicles to individual houses.

If you conduct extensive research, you will find out there are several terminals close to your proximity. All you need is to drive your vehicle to and from the terminals, and the auto company will handle the rest.

Nevertheless, this type of auto transportation comes with its issues. If you don’t pick your car on the delivery date, you will be required to pay a daily storage fee.

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