Termites in your home can be very devastating, especially if your house is made with lots of woods. Termites love woods, and if you don’t take any serious action, these termites can end your entire home.

There are so many pest control products you can avail in the market today. However, did you know that some kitchen items are proven safe and effective against these termites?

Today, we’re going to discuss the top four kitchen products you can use immediately to get rid of termites. These are safe and can be used if you have a tight budget. So, let’s get started without further ado!

4 Effective Kitchen Products That Prevents Home Termites

Here are the top five kitchen products you can use to prevent termite formation in your home:

  1. Use Essential Oils

Essential oils are commonly used at home because they are non-toxic to humans as well as animals. Therefore, they are safe to use around homes. 

If you want to use essential oils to solve termite problems, apply one or more essential oils to a cotton ball. Next, apply directly to the termites infested area. You can reapply it every other day.

  1. Use Vinegar

White vinegar is another household option that can be used to treat various pest problems, including termites. 

You can pour vinegar directly to the affected area. However, if you want to reach the full potential, you can combine vinegar with lemon juice. Put the mixture in a spray and spray wherever you see termites. For best results, you can use the lemon and vinegar mixture two to three times a day.

  1. Use Boric Acid
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A boric acid, which is also known as Borax, is an active household cleaning agent. While it provides an excellent cleaning solution, it can also be used against termites. Boric acid helps to stop the nervous system of termites and dries them out completely.

If you want to use the borax solution, all you have to do is to apply the borax acid directly to the affected areas. Another option is to create a mixture of borax acid and a cup of hot water. You can use the spray solution every other day to prevent termite infestation.

  1. Use Corkboard

Corkboards are proven safe and effective against termites. Termites love corkboard. Especially if the corkboard is quite dampened, you can place the corkboard where you see termites. Once they reach the corkboard, you can remove and burn the corkboard to eliminate the termites.

Final Words

These are the essential and straightforward home remedies you can apply to reduce the growth of termites. However, if you cannot solve the infestation, it’s time for you to call pest control experts. They will resolve any pest infestation in your property, and the result is not temporary, but rather a permanent one. 

So, it’s time for you to invest in pest control experts to save your home items.