In the last year, the property market has boomed with many people having completed, or waiting to complete, on their home sales. This means many will now be on the road to relocating very soon. 

Relocating can be a tricky business with lots of moving parts. Making sure you get all the details right is vital if you are able to enjoy the process. From mortgages and down payments to legal support and removals, our guide has relocating covered for you.

Mortgages and deposits

If you already have a mortgage, you will probably have a good understanding of how the process works. However, it is a good idea to look for a mortgage with a better rate when you move. If you have lived in your current property a while, your age and length of time to repay a mortgage will also influence which mortgage you can apply for. 

Most first-time buyer will require at least a 10% down payment to get their first mortgage approved.

Listing your current property

To get your property sold efficiently, you will probably want to enlist the help of an estate agent or two. When you do, make sure that you inform your estate agent whether you are looking to hard sell, or part exchange your property. That way they will know how to best market your property. 

Remember, estate agents work on commission and will be paid a flat fee from your sale price.

Legal support and costs

When you are relocating, you will undoubtedly have to employ a solicitor to handle your legal work such as drawing up your sale contract and moving money around. You might also consider getting conveyancer services to help you with the tricky details involved with buying and selling properties. 

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Property revenues and taxes

The stamp duty holiday bought into effect by the British government last year is due to come to a end this spring. Many property companies are lobbying to keep it in effect or change the law entirely, but there will still property taxes to pay when you sell or buy a property, you solicitor will be able to advise on this. 

Removal services and transport

Employing the services of a professional transport or home-removal service could save you a lot of stress when relocating. Many removal companies provide a packing and unpacking service too. If you have a lot of large furniture to move, they will likely be able to dissemble it and reassemble it at your new home. 

If you’re helping an elderly or less physically abled relative move, you might want to hire a transport service that can help get them to their new home easily.