Being a student can be hard financially, with paying out for course fees, travel, and even accommodation, whilst not having enough time to work many hours. That is why it is important to be savvy with your expenditure and make the most of any savings that you can make. We’re not talking about going through the newspapers and cutting out coupons, or any hugely time-consuming and outdated methods. We’re talking about using online tools and websites to get you huge savings.

Sign up for money saving tips

There are a number of money saving experts that will happily share with you the latest hot deals and discounts. is a prime example of weekly discounts pulled together from the various loopholes and discounts available. There are often numerous student-specific deals that you can take advantage of from travel discounts to bank account deals.


Check if you can get student discount on travel

Many travel companies offer large discounts for students, such as a young person’s rail-card or similar. You can find out whether you can get discounts through the transport company’s website, so if you are a regular traveler, this could save you a huge amount of money.

Check student discount websites

Websites like frequently offer promotions for various items from groceries to holidays. However, make sure not to fall to temptation and buy something you do not actually need. Make sure to be strict with yourself, otherwise savings could turn into bit spending.

Learning to drive

Learning to drive can be hugely expensive, so check the different rates of driving instructors by searching their websites. You can also get free online driving theory tests for practice before booking your theory exam.

Free online training and discounted software

Make the most of the trial periods that give you access to great learning material. For example, you can sign up with websites like ALISON to build up your skillset with no cost. If you are looking to develop your Microsoft Office skills or your Adobe product skills, then search their website for any free training that they provide for students.

Software companies are also generous with discounting their software products, meaning you never pay full price. Overall, the savings can be very significant. For example, Adobe Creative Cloud is reduced from around £45 per month to £15 per month, so it is very worthwhile, especially for a student who needs certain software to help complete their studies.

Supermarket member cards

If you shop at the same place and are considered a regular, then make the most out of membership deals most supermarkets or stores now offer. By apply for memberships or collection loyalty cards, massive savings can be made through free drinks, or a key fob that you scan when making a purchase, totaling your savings for suture discount vouchers.

Some supermarkets also target students with student specific memberships, meaning every little really does help when it comes to saving money and tightening the budget strings.