The job market in the business and finance sector has always been tough, and it is no different in 2017. To stand out, many students are considering getting a master of business administration (MBA) degree. Employers still value the MBA very much and regard it as a necessary qualification for any business professional seeking a managerial position. In fact, many of them plan on increasing the number of MBAs in their workforce.

According to a recent Graduate Management Admission Council study, 88 per cent of organizations planned on doing just that in 2016. This was an increase of 8 per cent from 2015. If these statistics are anything to go by, you can expect more than 90 per cent of employers to add MBAs to their staff in 2017. They also prove that MBAs are more essential today than ever before. Here are three reasons why MBAs are still essential in 2017.


1. MBAs Have a Wide Range of Skills

To qualify for an online masters in business administration, you need to have work experience and academic qualifications in many fields. The online MBA then builds on this foundation and equips you with a wide range of business skills, which are necessary if you are to handle the tough demands of high level business operations. This fact is not lost on employers.

They are aware that MBA graduates are highly skilled and motivated. In addition, graduates come from many professional backgrounds, so they can handle any challenge thrown at them. This allows them to not only work without supervision, but also to exact standards. Simply put, MBAs are high achievers.

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2. MBAs are Creative and Innovative

MBAs are almost always creative and innovative thinkers. For this reason, they are highly valued by employers. This capacity to think outside the box is as a result of two things. One, MBA graduates come from diverse professional backgrounds, so they have a wide knowledge base, which enables them to come up with unique solutions to problems.

Two, their graduate training requires them to a solve problems through critical thinking. This habit, which becomes entrenched in their minds, is then transferred into their post-MBA careers.

3. They Work Well Under Pressure

Employers fear nothing more than an employee who, despite having a great resume, bends under the pressure of work. This is likely to happen if an employee lacks confidence, the right qualifications, or work experience. Fortunately, MBAs have all three.

To qualify for an MBA, they must go to a grueling process. Many also work while they study, so they learn early how to handle the pressures of school and work. By the time they graduate, they are confident of their abilities. Thus, they can handle any high-pressure work environment.

MBAs are a vital part of any business. For one, they have a wide range of business skills, which they get from their training and professional backgrounds. They are also creative and innovative thinkers, who can face many challenges head on. Also, they work well under pressure because they are qualified, confident, and experienced. For this reason, employers are keen on having as many of these graduates as possible on their staff.

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