Do you remember the Jetsons TV Show? So many of the things in that show have come true, my favourite being video calling! Now we’re in the year 2020, it’s tempting to think about what we might see in homes in the next thirty years. We’ve already got plenty of fun advancements that make our lives easier, from robotic vacuums that you can program to go from your home, through to WIFI enabled light switches you can set on timers. Here are some of the ways I think homes will change in the coming decades:

1. Eco-friendly Appliances:
As time goes on, we become more aware of our environmental impact and work in ways to minimise the harm we do to the environment. Many homes have already started to install solar powers, which are a renewable energy source and a great way to cut down your monthly expenses. But I see a greater focus on eco-friendly appliances in the coming years. Viessmann have a range of eco-friendly heat pumps that make a great addition to any modern home.

2. Smart Switches:
I think that there will be more focus on smart switches and how easy they make your home. Wouldn’t it be great to be laying in bed, only to realise you accidentally left some lights on, but instead of getting out of bed to turn them off, you could just ask Alexa or tap a button on your phone? While the technology already exists, I think it will become more widely used and more intuitive.

3. Smart Fabrics:
Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could have one blanket that could work for you during the heat of summer, yet also function perfectly during the cooler months? I foresee smart fabrics being made that work in all seasons and adjust to keep your body at the perfect temperature without having to add or subtract bedding for each season.

4. Smart Glass
I could imagine curtains being a thing of the past, and instead flicking a switch and the glass automatically fogging over to let in less light or to provide more privacy. I also wouldn’t be surprised if they invent another type of glass that does a better job of insulating homes during the cooler months, and keeping the homes cooler in the hotter months too. While double glazing seems to be the industry standard now, I imagine this is one area that will improve as our technology does too.

  1. Smart TV’s
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In the future, relaxing in front of a Smart TV after a long hard day will be one of the best ways to spend your free time. When you’re working all day, you deserve a little bit of down time. Elevate your watching experience with a smart TV which you can use to access YouTube, Netflix, and even social media apps. When you’re watching regular TV programming, don’t forget to invest in an aerial. A smart home will require aerial installation services in Nottingham so you can enjoy hassle-free TV programming without dealing with weak signals.

We live in an exciting time right now where technology is finding its way into our daily lives, making things easier and more comfortable. I can only guess as to what’s to come in the next few decades!