Are you planning a trip to Houston? Maybe you’re traveling there to visit family, or perhaps you’re heading there for a work conference. No matter the purpose of your visit, you’ll quickly learn that due to Houston’s large, spread out size, it makes a lot of sense to rent a car. There are some cities that you can get by using the public transport, but in my opinion Houston is simply not one of those. If you’re headed there any time soon, keep reading for the benefits to having a rental car in Houston.

1. Time Saver

Whether you’re going for business or pleasure, time is precious when you’re in a new city. You don’t want to spend too much time trying to figure out how to get between places, or trying to line up public transportation routes. Taxis and Ubers can be a good way to save time, but it usually winds up being a very expensive way to travel. Houston is such a spread out city that having a rental car will make it so much easier and faster to get between places. 

2. Better for Family Travel

If you’re traveling with children then you know how challenging this can be. You’re got to cart along their car seats if they’re under 14 years old, their stuff, snacks, toys, iPads and the list goes on. Having a rental car is an easy way to keep everything with you so that your children will be as content as comfortable as can be. It also can be a logistical nightmare taxing taxis with young kids and carseats, so a rental car just makes that so much easier.

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3. Perfect Way to Escape the Weather

Weather in Houston can get very hot during the summer and for out of town visitors it can be somewhat overwhelming. That’s another way that renting a car helps you enjoy your time in Houston as you’ll be sheltered from the heat. There’s nothing worse than turning up to a work meeting or dinner date with sweat dripping down your back. During the winter months the temperature varies dramatically, with the mornings being frosty cool and the days being quite warm, making it hard to dress for. Having a rental car makes it easier to feel comfortable when there’s such a dramatic change in temperature.

If you’re planning a trip to Houston and wanting to secure a great rental car, be sure to visit this site.