Everyone needs a getaway from time to time; a chance to switch-off from the rest of the world and relax. This year in particular calls for some much-needed calm. When you hear the word ‘holiday’ you may immediately start thinking of how it’s all going to add up and convince yourself you can’t go. However, there are plenty of ways you can save money when you travel.

Book Ahead

One of the best ways you can save money on your next trip is booking ahead. Whether you’re taking the train or fancy a flight, the earlier you book the cheaper it will be. So  it’s important to be organised and get your dates sorted as soon as you can. If you’re travelling south, it’s likely you’ll have go through the capital.  Be sure to check your train times to London so you can plan your journey accordingly. Once you know how you’re getting to your destination, you can start planning your trip.

Alternative Accommodation

Your accommodation will make a huge difference to how much money your holiday ends up costing you. When you’re planning your getaway, make sure you look into alternative options to hotels. There are plenty of them out there: from cabins to converted toilet blocks. If you pick a place that has a self-cateering option, this can significantly cut the costs of your trip. You can prepare the majority of your food from your accommodation. You could also bring tea and coffee with you to save on that expense, too.

Look for Deals

The internet can be your best friend when it comes to finding discounts. You can use a wide variety of price comparison websites to find the best deals. However, be careful as there can be a number of hidden costs that you’ll only find once you start your booking. If you’re savvy and careful, you can save significant money by browsing online for the best deals.

Free Things

Of course, one of the best ways of saving money is simply not spending any. When you’re at your destination, look into free activities. Most major cities offer free walking tours. You could also look into museum, galleries, and parks. You could also ask locals what their favourite spots are.

Whenever and wherever you end up going, make the most of it. Use it as a time to disconnect and focus on you for a little bit. Where would you like to travel to next?