Whether you are currently struggling with your finances or you are just looking at the options available to you at this time, there are numerous loan providers out there all able to give you a yes or no answer based on your credit score. But which is the best one for those with a less than perfect score? In this article, we will be providing you with a list of our top choices for bad credit lenders.

Cash Float

With several different loan options out there on the market, Cash Float is your one-stop-shop for loans from a reliable lender. Whether you are in need of a bad credit loan, a personal loan or a business loan, their team have got you covered. In addition, you will be met with the knowledge and experience that you need to ensure that you gain access to the emergency financial aid that you need to get you out of financial issues.

Loan Bird

If you are looking for a lender with years’ worth of experience in this sector, you can do no better than Loan Bird. With several years of experience as one of the top short term loans bad credit direct lenders UK services, they are ready and waiting to aid you in any way that they can. With a simple to follow the application process and a 24-hour approval rating, this is the perfect way of getting access to the finances that you need on short notice. There are also several other loan types on hand to aid you in the long term.

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Swift Money

Another of the UK top loan companies is Swift Money, similar to that of the team at loan bird, they too also offer an online application process that can provide you with the financial aid that you need in a pinch. With a 97% approval rating as well as a max borrowing amount of £3,500 they are on hand to provide you with what you need even if you have a poor line of credit. Though it is not 100% guaranteed that you will be accepted, this lender takes into account your credit score as well as your monthly income.

Everyday Loans

Everyday loans are the final loan provider on this list that work with you to provide you with the financial aid that you need when you need it the most. With a quick approval process through their online platform, you can have the money within your account in 24 hours allowing you to get yourself out of financial difficulty quickly. With a large borrowing amount of up to £15,000, this lender is one for those that have a line of credit of any kind. Though your application is not guaranteed to be accepted, you will have a conditional offer within minutes if you have been successful.

Regardless of which of these lenders you opt for, several contributing factors can aid in you being accepted by these loan providers for the amount that you need. Where will you be starting?