Depending on your type of business, you can select a few ways to use QR codes to increase conversion rates. QR codes are maze-filled 2D barcodes that hold twice as much data as a UPC. This data can be numbers or letters and may include emails, maps, hyperlinks and telephone numbers among other types of information. When it comes to mobile marketing, QR codes come in handy as they can be placed just about anywhere; doors, print materials, screens and such. So, how do you use QR codes to enhance digital marketing?

1. Product and Service Information

With some methods of product marketing, you may not be able to give out full information on that product. For example, using a one-page flyer to introduce products gives you limited space to exhaust each product information. In this case, you can have a QR code on the flyer or brochure that redirects the prospect to a product or service information page. Barcodes are also unique product identifiers in retails. Make sure you give all the details about the product. Nothing hurts a marketing campaign like lacking relevant information for your advertisement. 

2. Customer Reviews and Surveys

One thing that builds and breaks businesses in this digital era is customer reviews. These are testimonials submitted online by previous customers. When a prospect is deciding between two or three brands, a positive review will add weight to their final decision. On the other hand, you get to keep a customer by showing them that their feedback matters to your business. To achieve this, you can place a QR code on your business receipts and have customers scan them to be directed to a survey or feedback page to review their experience.

3. Link to Social Media and Email

It is quite evident that social media is a great – if not the best- way to market a business. It helps to have as many followers, views, likes, comments and shares as you possibly can. How can you achieve this? It’s simple- have a QR code which customers and prospects can scan to access your social media pages. 

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The same can be done for emails as you create an email list that will help maintain your acquired clientele. If the QR code leads to an email sign up page, then you get to collect names and email addresses of your clients. So whether they follow you on social media or listed in your email newsletter, they will be able to get alerted every time you have an offer or new product release. 

4. Video Instructions

Manuals do not necessarily have to be boring elongated brochures. Make them easier to understand by using video instructions. When a client buys a product, provide a QR code on receipt or warranty card where they can scan and be directed to a video manual or troubleshooting guidance. Customers trust a brand that goes the extra mile to show buyers how to use or build up a product. 

5. Customer Service 

This works best with live chats and chatbots. When a client hears about a product or service your business is offering and would like to find out more, they can scan the QR code and be directed to a live chat system where they can either chat with an online customer service agent or a chatbot. Your marketing campaign will go a long way when you attend to your customers on the spot. 


As you note down ways on how to use QR codes for marketing your online business, keep your objectives in mind. Also, before you launch a QR code and introduce it to your target audience, make sure it works with all devices and service providers. Uses of a QR code are not limited to the above mentioned. You can come up with as many QR code applications as your business requires, as long as they will give you the marketing results you are targeting for your business.

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