In pursuit of a career in electrical engineering?

Well, you’d think that having all the right qualifications, skills and experience is enough to make it as a successful electrical engineer, but that’s not exactly the case. 

You see, you need to be able to showcase these skills and experiences effectively in a resume to get shortlisted for your dream job.

You can only get a chance to impress the recruiters in person if your resume stands out to them during the initial stage of the hiring process. 

Therefore, having an impeccable electrical engineering resume is very important to make it in the industry. 

In this blog, we have compiled 5 essential points of building a job-winning electrical engineer resume that will definitely get you shortlisted.

Reverse Chronological Format 

While framing your electrical engineering resume, you must choose to present your past roles in a reverse-chronological format. Starting with your most recent roles, you can go on to list the older ones accordingly. 

Although there are other ways to format your resume like functional format and combination format, using the reverse chronological format is the best option because the majority of recruiters from different industries prefer this format over the other two. 

The reason being, your most recent experiences are the most relevant ones as compared to the older ones. 

Prepare First Draft of Your Electrical Engineering Resume

Before you begin to section your information in your resume, begin by collecting all your data in one folder. 

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For instance, write all the information that you think would be necessary to include in your electrical engineering resume. 

Recall and compile all the achievements and highlights of your professional journey so far. 

The idea here is to make sure that you don’t miss out on any important points that you would want to include in your resume.

Plus this makes sectioning your information much easier.  

Present Details with a Cause and Effect Points

While writing your professional experience section, ensure to present all the information in short but impactful sentences.

Give a cause and effect background on your points by writing about your experiences in a way that lets the recruiters know about your efforts and the results of your efforts. 

You cannot just simply state your experiences because it wouldn’t leave much of an impact on the recruiters. You must talk about your achievements along with your experiences and what role you played.

Take a look at the following professional experience examples for more clarity:

“Supervised project production, implementation, and quality while developing redlines.”

“Conducted analysis on various systems to evaluate power needs and maintained production test equipment.”

Include ATS-friendly Keywords 

It is a known fact that 99% of Fortune 500 companies use the Application Tracking Software (ATS) to filter out the most suitable resumes for their job vacancies and speed up the hiring process. 

The key to rank in this software is by including plenty of ATS-friendly keywords in your electrical engineering resume. 

You can figure out the keywords by reading the job listing and picking out the keywords from their requirements section. 

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You must also use the keywords that are commonly associated with your job profile i.e. electrical engineering and include them in the key skills section of your resume. 

Some of the common key skills that are associated with electrical engineering professionals are:

  • Budget Management
  • Process Improvement
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Technical Documentation 
  • Electronic Troubleshooting
  • Circuit Design and many more

Grouping and Highlighting 

In order to make your one-liners more impactful in your electrical engineering resume, you must group and highlight points in the professional experience section of your resume. 

Grouping similar information or instances in one point provides a more smooth flow of information in your resume. 

While highlighting important keywords in your one-liners helps to draw the recruiter’s attention to crucial details like your results or achievements. 

For instance, writing a paragraph without grouping or highlighting information looks like this:

As an electrical engineer, I directed and oversaw the repair of a high voltage motor of a showroom and various equipment while ensuring high quality. I assisted in identifying the strategic improvements to the product life cycle during the process of the new product development (NDP). I also executed the entire strategy entailing the maintenance of electrical equipment.

On the other hand, the same information will look way more tidy and readable when written in bullet points by grouping and highlighting information like in the following example:

  • Directed and oversaw the repair of a high voltage motor and other equipment of a showroom
  • Assisted in identifying the strategic improvements of the new product development
  • Formulated and executed the entire strategy entailing the maintenance of electrical equipment
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Incorporate the above points which are extremely essential while writing your electrical engineering resume and see yourself getting shortlisted by your dream company.