Winter is well on the way, and along with the cooler temperatures comes more time spent inside, and the occasional afternoon of boredom when it’s too cold to go outside and yet you’re sick of being cooped up in your house or apartment.

If you’re worried about how you’ll have an enjoyable winter (without heading overseas for some fun in the sun, this is the post for you, and we have some great ways for you to have a fun and productive winter:


The first step is to get motivated and commit to making winter a time where you get things done instead of staying in bed until the temperature is warmer. Make a list of all of the things you’d like to accomplish, and then take it one step further and write down how you’ll achieve these goals.

Maybe you want to get fitter or lose some weight before summer, and you know that you’re the type who likes to eat a whole bag of chips in front of the TV when it’s cold. Your goal may be to ensure you don’t have the junk food in your house- meaning you keep yourself from buying it in the first place when you get your groceries, and then hopefully it will be too cold for you to go out and buy that high-calorie junk.

Fewer people go to the gym in winter, and when you go outside and the freezing wind whips at your ears, it’s easy to see why. If you can resell your gym membership (and you know you’re unlikely to go), consider giving it to someone who can use it and committing to working out at home.

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There are so many bloggers, YouTubers, and fitness teachers who are available online and can help you get fit over winter. Whether you can see yourself doing Pilates, yoga, HIT training, circuit training or weight training, you don’t need much equipment at all to workout at home, and you’ll be able to get in shape without even leaving the house.

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There are also numerous websites that are available to help you earn some side income. Consider completing surveys online, since many companies will pay you to hear your opinion about a number of different things. You could also begin freelancing, taking the skills you have from your day job and pitching new clients independently- something that can set you up to eventually be working completely remotely.