The internet has opened up a growing number of possibilities for different ways to make a little on the side – some methods can come from entertainment such as gaming, others from passion such as hobbying – you may need to dedicate little or a lot of time to find success but there’s also the possibility of opening the door to something a little more permanent. The current global pandemic has shown many of us that it’s probably a good practice to have a second form of income, so what online opportunities are there for you?

Using your hobby and craft – A successful route many have found in recent years is to take a hobby or craft to popular marketplaces like Etsy to sell your homemade goods – if you’re able to corner a bit of a niche market and produce high quality goods you may find a lot of success here. It can be a difficult area to tackle, there is a lot of competition here after all, but given you’re able to dictate the price and timescale for your own product you can invest as much or as little as you’d like and still get a little extra here and there.

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Using your profession – Much in a similar way to hobbyist and craft activities, many have been able to take their day to day profession to the internet through sites like Fiverr to earn a little extra – this again in many ways benefits the more creative fields such as digital and video editing as a highly sought after skill, but there are some more niche uses through instruments and other skills – if your job is something you really enjoy and would like to try new techniques at home and further your knowledge, this could be a perfect way to earn a little extra whilst doing so.

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Using gaming – Gaming has come a long way from what it used to be – many have managed to turn it into a successful career through professional play or content creation. Whilst becoming professional may be a little out of the realm of possibilities for many of us, content creation is something many have tried even on a part time basis to great success through sharing videos on youtube or even live streaming on platforms such as Twitch, and the beauty is you whilst it does require a bit of a time investment, the more you do it the more likely you are to have better results – you’re able to start small and grow organically.

There’s also the other facet of gaming which has become increasingly popular as smart phones have continued to develop in the form of online gambling – despite recent regulation changes such as a ban on online credit card gambling and the introduction of initiatives such as the Gamstop scheme which is aimed at reducing participation options for online gamblers, these casinos online have continued to grow and offer many players winnings and a little of extra pocket money for playing – whilst your earnings may not be as big as other options and come with some risk, online casinos also require a much smaller time investment with the possibility of just as much return.