Are you feeling lethargic lately, even though you’re not up to as much as usual? Perhaps you’re finding that your anxiety levels are creeping up, from spending too much time at home and too little time with loved ones. Maybe you’re dealing with overwhelming guilt from the fact that your life isn’t as impacted as others, and feeling helpless as to help? There are so many things going on for everyone right now, but if you feel like your health is suffering here are some tips to get it back on track:

1. Consider Therapy
If you’re like me, then you’ve dabbled in therapy in the past but never stuck to it. If you’re someone who’s had therapy, is in therapy, or wanted to explore therapy, now is probably the best time to move forward with it. So many therapists are offering discounted telephone therapy services to ensure that their services are accessible. Therapy can help you learn more about yourself, your triggers, and even help you to understand intimacy vs isolation, which is a huge issue right now. Check out for more information on this.

2. Get Outside
If you’re somewhere where you’re not allowed outside at all, then I’m sorry for suggesting this! Most of the places I’ve read about have some restrictions about being outside for certain things, but do allow people to leave to exercise once daily. If you can, do it! There are so many benefits to catching a little bit of vitamin D. The fresh air will do you a world of good, and if you’re able to then exercising outside will be even better. Even if it’s just a spot of yoga on your balcony, chasing after the kids in the backyard, or a run around the block, exercise will help you supercharge your endorphins ensuring you feel and look better!

3. Avoid the Junk

It can be tempting to sit around all day munching on potato chips and ordering from Uber Eats, but it’s nutritious food that’s going to make you feel better and more energised, especially with the reduced lifestyle. There’s nothing wrong with something sweet here and there, but don’t go crazy just because you’re close to your fridge all day long.

Hopefully these three tips help you feel ore healthy and energised during this challenging time.

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