Therapy is becoming more popular and wildly accepted as a wonderful way to help all areas of your life. It can transform your energy levels, help relationship, improve your communication skills and even give you clarity you didn’t think was possible. One of the biggest barriers to therapy is the cost, many people are apprehensive about how they will add another bill to their monthly expenses. You’re likely wondering does insurance cover therapy? Well, it’s not that straight forward. Read on to figure it out and if you’re wanting to learn even more, here is a great article to help you out.

1. Ask Your Therapist
Sometimes it can feel a little embarrassing discussing money and costs with any provider, but they’re going to want to help make it as affordable as possible for you. They probably have numerous clients who have asked and may be able to guide you through the process. In some countries there are only specific insurance companies that work with specific therapists, making it more complicated to figure out what’s covered. Talking to your therapist is the best way to get the ball rolling.

2. Check Your Coverage
Not all insurance policies cover therapy, others cover some and then are some plans that cover everything. Once you’ve found out whether your therapist covers insurance you can check in with your provider to see what’s covered and what’s needed to process the rebates or subsidies. While you can check out your policy for a start, it might be worth contacting someone at the insurance company to help you work through everything.

3. Look Into Phone Counselling
If you’re without insurance, or find your insurance doesn’t provide as much coverage as you hoped, then the best thing to do is find a therapist who is affordable. Telephone counselling is a great alternative to generally expensive in person counselling. Because the therapist saves on not renting an office space, not needing staff to work the space, no extra transport cost or office supplies, they’re able to pass on many of the savings to you.

Therapy is a great way to transform your life and hopefully these tips make it easier than ever for you to get the therapy you want.

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