We’d all like a little more money in our pockets, right? So, it makes sense to make your own coffee rather than going to the coffee shop, and making your lunches at home to take to work. All of those things are pretty common and easy to accomplish when it comes to saving those pennies.

But what if you’ve already done most of those things? How you can save even more? You might think that you’ve pinched every penny that you have, but there’s always room for improvement! Here we’ll take a look at some simple ways to save money that you may not have thought of!

Ditch those cigarettes

Of course, quitting completely is the best way to save money, but going cold turkey doesn’t always work for everyone. Whether you’re quitting or not, if you’re regularly buying cigarettes then consider swapping them for vaping products instead. Vaping products like this tobacco e liquid from 88vape, are much cheaper than traditional cigarettes, you still get the hit of nicotine you want without the price tag and the dangerous chemicals that come with regular smoking.

Stop online shopping!

It sounds obvious, but this lockdown has got many of us wondering what to do with ourselves and spending any free time we do have browsing online. It’s tempting to buy a new TV even though there’s nothing wrong with your old one, but try to only purchase essential items!

Invest in the Essential

Multipurpose tools help you maximize your money’s worth and add value to what you do.

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How can you improve your current work setup at home? You can shop around for tools that will help you accomplish many tasks in one sitting or, essentially, create a more productive workspace.

For example, you can use this adapter for your MacBook Pro. It has the essential ports and slots for working with files, connecting with a bigger monitor, and keeping your work desk with all the peripherals as organized as possible.

Leave the trolley

When you only need to pick up a few things from the supermarket, don’t take a shopping trolley around with you. If you do, you’ll be more tempted to throw in extra items that you don’t really need or that aren’t on your list. If you can, go round without a basket or a trolley that way you won’t pick up what you can’t carry!


Food is a huge expense, so anything that doesn’t get eaten is a terrible financial waste. Make sure you’re serving correct portion sizes for meals. And rather than buying fresh fruit and veg, opt for frozen versions that will last longer. If you make a weekly menu – stick to it! Otherwise, all those ingredients will go to waste.

Thrift as much as you can

Buying secondhand clothes is simple and cost-effective. There’s absolutely no shame in it either! From coats and t-shirts to kids’ clothes bundles. You’ll find a huge amount of second-hand clothing available online.