For people who haven’t yet been to Indonesia, many consider Bali to be the only reason to visit. And while you should definitely visit Bali on your travels through Indonesia, the whole country is brimming with amazing places to see and things to do.

If you need a bit of relaxation in your life, Indonesia is the place to do it, and is well known for being a place to go for a scrub, massage, or facial. In fact, prices range from $5, allowing you to get amazing bang for your buck- whether you just want a quick massage at a stall on the side of the road or a luxurious relaxation experience in your hotel or a nice spa. Traveloka has a great range of hotel accommodations that you can choose from. Visit for a wide range of options that will definitely suit your budget.

The wildlife is also another big reason to visit Indonesia. On the island of Borneo you can see wild orangutangs, and the island itself is actually split between Brunei, Malaysia and Indonesia- making it an interesting place to visit.

Indonesia is also where you’ll find the awesome Komodo Dragons, so be sure to stop by the Komodo National Park and see the distant cousins of dinosaurs. You may need to take a tour or go with a park ranger or guide as these Komodo Dragons are a little scary and have been known to munch on humans.

Bandung is one of the most popular places for travelers who want to head to Java, and also a popular destination for Indonesians. The factory outlets are full of quality bags, shoes, clothes and much more, and Pasar Baru is a huge market in Bandung where you can get lost and find souvenirs, fabrics and more- all at an unbelievable price.

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Looking for a great restaurant? Head to The Valley which has incredible sunset views and great food.

Indonesia is a country where you can stay in incredible accommodation without going broke, and you can live a lifestyle that you often couldn’t achieve at home.

Indonesia is a huge draw for people who love sea and sand. The country is home to more than 17,000 islands, meaning you’re sure to find one that will suit you, and almost a quarter of the coral reefs in the world are located here, making it a haven for those who like to dive. In fact the scuba diving and snorkelling is a must here, and you’ll find some of the best dives in the world due to the many different shipwrecks which are located in the sea around the country.


There are many different things to do on the beach in Indonesia, and the whole country is welcoming to tourists. Many people choose to lie on the beach and occasionally get their feet wet, while others get more active, and choose to ride a banana boat, go kayaking, or even try parasailing.

If you like to get outdoors, Indonesia is the place for you. The country is located on the Pacific Rim of Fire, and you’ll see a dramatic and diverse landscape, with forests, volcanos and white-sand beaches. Be sure to go on a hike so you can see the view of the Mt Bromo Volcano which is one of the best views in Indonesia.

You’ll be spoiled for choice in Indonesia, so if you’re planning a vacation, consider adding Indonesia to the list.