On the surface, challenge coins may not look much different from any other collectible coin. Challenge coins are usually given to a variety of high-ranking officials in the military. Some are given to soldiers for accomplishments or as a morale gift. The history behind these challenge coins also dates back long before our time. These days, many administrators exchange these coins almost in the same fashion as a business card. You can even get custom challenge coins from challengecoinsltd.com. Don’t think that having challenge coins are any less prestigious, however. There are rules of challenge coin etiquette that should be followed. We have listed five of those rules.


Rules Should Be Explained


If you decide that it’s time to start the challenge, you ought to explain the rules of that challenge. Not revealing the rules when it comes to the game before challenging is considered to be rude. It’s also frowned upon for being unfair. Explain the rules and make sure you carry your coins at all times. You can be challenged at any moment. One of the rules is that four steps is the max number you can take before reaching your coin.


Know What You’re Getting Into Before Challenging


If you’re at the bar with your friends, a challenge can lead to you paying for a full round of drinks. Make sure that you know exactly what you’re getting into before making a challenge. If you’re the challenger, you must clearly define whether or not it’s going to be a single drink or drinks for the whole group. It’s also important that you do not hand your coins over to anybody, as it’ll signal that you are giving them your coins. Lost some coins? You will need to replace them quickly as you are not immune from the game.

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Challenge Coins Are Not Jewelry


One of the ultimate signs of disrespect is wearing your challenge coins as jewelry. This is especially true if you’re thinking about drilling a hole through it to use as a necklace. If you wish to wear a challenge coin around your neck, one option is placing it in a pouch that can wrap around your neck. Do not use the coin as a belt buckle because that is not what it’s used for. Challenge coins aren’t meant to be a materialistic thing. It is a badge of honor and you must use it as such.


Challenges Per Person


The person who is challenged, yet fails to produce a coin, must buy the drink. You can only challenge that person once, however. So, it’s not a situation where you can just take advantage of the person who doesn’t have a coin ready.


Starting Challenge Coin Game


The start of a challenge coin game shouldn’t be a spectacle. An exchange of the challenge coin via handshake will suffice. Pick the right moment and don’t make it seem obvious. Remember to honor this and the other challenge coin rules mentioned above.