Filed your taxes? If the answer is yes, definitely, you are a good citizen, but if you filed it before knowing the tax credits option, you are losing out. You need to understand this, paying the right liable tax is essential, but understanding all the possible nooks and corners of tax credits can save you a fortune.

As a good citizen, you are ready to pay the liable tax, but you should also avail all the proper claims and credits. So know this ahead of your tax filing and get the benefits of all the possible credits. If you are unaware of these different tax credits, like healthcare tax credits or more, then read the blog and get to know it now.

Tax Credit

To understand different tax credits, priorly know what tax credits are.

The amount deducted or subtracted from the total payable tax and offsets in the overall liability will be known as Tax Credit. If and when an individual has more or excess tax apart from the given amount of the tax. The tax credit will get adjusted against future tax liabilities. It is like an incentive that a taxpayer receives back from the federal tax liability. There are different types of tax credits.

They are refundable, non-refundable, and partially refundable taxes. They have their own benefits, and of course, a taxpayer should qualify for each separately. But they are another kind of tax credit that a taxpayer should be aware of to hail the best benefits.

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Types of Tax Credits

You may be aware of different types of tax credits. But there are kinds of tax credits too. They are healthcare tax credit, mortgage interest credit, child tax credit, dependent care credit, education tax credit, and adoption tax credit. Let us see each in detail.

Adoption Tax Credit

Taxpayers who adopted or started the adoption process may qualify for the adoption credit. It is a kind of tax credit that you can avail of at international, domestic private, and public foster care adoption. Taxpayers who adopt their own spouse’s child can not claim this credit.

Education Tax Credit

The Education Tax credit is something that you can claim or reduce in the tax bill. Your kid’s or your own education bills can get deducted from the tax bills. All the school and college expenses cannot be claimed, but the qualified expenses like tuition and fees paid directly to the institution for the supplies, labs, and other equipment can be claimed or deducted.

Child and Dependent Care

The child and the dependent care credit are the types of tax credits that are for taxpayers who pay from their pocket expenses for childcare. These credits provide relief to individuals and their spouses who pay for the care of a qualifying child or disabled dependent who works or looks out for work.

Medical Tax Credit

These are provided to the healthcare and medical industries. Who works in tele development and applications for medical related things. Like software or an application for betterment. Medical tax credits and all other credits will also come under this.

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Knowing the proper tax credits is as essential as paying taxes. So before you file, look at all the possible tax credits and avail them now.