ADSS is a CFD broker that is based in the MENA region with headquarters in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Operating globally, however, it is licensed both locally and internationally and has clients from around the world. ADSS offers forex spot trading and CFD trading on currency pairs, commodities, cryptocurrencies, equities, and indices, and it is authorised by the SCA in the UAE and the FCA in the United Kingdom.

Before making any investment decisions, traders should always have a thorough understanding of how a broker works. This includes reading up on its services, offerings, platforms, and regulations. This review is an update of the ADSS Revieweek article. All information in this review is accurate at the time of writing and should be received as facts and not construed as advice in any form.

Trading with ADSS – all you need to know

Before diving into the extended review, let’s look at some quick facts about the CFD broker.

  • ADSS is authorised and regulated by the SCA in the UAE and the FCA in the UK
  • Product offering includes spot FX, and CFDs on forex, equities, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies
  • Leverage of up to 500:1 is available
  • Minimum live trading account deposit requirement is 100 USD for its Classic account
  • Other live account tiers include Elite (minimum deposit of 10,000 USD) and Elite+ (minimum deposit of 25,000 USD)
  • A demo account is available with no credit card required upon registration
  • ADSS traders can execute trades on its proprietary platform – the ADSS Trading Platform
  • Market analysis and educational resources are available in English and Arabic
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Trading with ADSS – the full review

Having looked at some quick facts, let’s dive into the full review of leading MENA CFD broker ADSS.

Product offering

ADSS has a varied and large product offering range. The broker is licensed to execute spot FX trades, and CFD trading on forex, indices, cryptocurrencies, equities, and commodities.

  • 60+ Forex pairs are available, including majors, minors, and exotics
  • CFD trading on major indices, such as the US-30, the US-50, the FTSE 100, the Nikkei 225, the Hang Seng Index, and various Asian, European, and North American indices
  • CFD trading on 4 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash
  • CFD trading on global and regional equities, ranging from stocks on the NYSE and NASDAQ to stocks on the Saudi stock exchange
  • CFD trading on commodities include a range of energy and agricultural products such as heating oil, crude oil, and coffee, as well as on metals such as gold, silver, and copper

Leverage, spreads, and commissions

ADSS offers low and competitive spreads, and the broker charges zero commission on all trades. This is an advantage for high-frequency or high-volume traders who want to make the most of their trading journey.

Leverage varies, depending on instrument, account tier, and trade size. Below is more information on the maximum leverage that live traders are allowed to trade with, sorted by asset class:

  • Forex: up to 500:1
  • Index CFDs: up to 333:1
  • Crypto CFDs: up to 4:1
  • Stock CFDs: up to 20:1
  • Commodity CFDs: up to 200:1

Spreads for trading also varies, depending on the account tier that live users hold. For example, Elite account holders can trade with 25% lower spreads than Classic account holders, and Elite+ account holders can trade with even lower spreads. For more information, refer to the section below on account types and benefits.

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Other rates and fees

ADSS has a regularly updated market information sheet that provides rate information on their CFDs, with a large range of underlying financial instruments. These market information sheets can be found on the ADSS website, and traders should review them regularly to get the most updated rates for their specific trades.

There are daily funding charges – also known as overnight financing charges – that apply to cash CFDs that are traded on ADSS platforms and remain open at the end of each trading day (22:00 GMT). Traders should be aware of this charge, as it can be positive or negative depending on whether they are taking a long or short position, derived from the relevant credit adjusted.

There may also be additional charges on payments in and out of live accounts with the use of credit cards, at the discretion of traders’ personal bank providers. However, ADSS does not charge an extra fee via standard bank transfers (national transfers). There is also a withdrawal charge for traders who wish to withdraw funds from their live trading account.

Accounts available – live account types and demo

ADSS offers both demo and live accounts, which can be used on their proprietary platform – the ADSS Trading Platform.

Demo accounts are free of charge, available upon registration. Demo traders can trade on the ADSS platform with a full range of the broker’s product offering. They can switch to a live account when they are ready to participate in the live markets, if they can verify their identity and meet the minimum deposit requirements.

Live accounts for individuals come in three tiers:

  • Classic

This is the standard live account for traders who wish to get a start on trading. With a minimum deposit of 100 USD, it has a low barrier to entry, which is appreciated for a leading broker in the MENA region. Traders can access the full range of ADSS trading instruments, and they can execute trades on the ADSS Trading Platform with competitive spreads and a maximum leverage of 500:1. 24/5 support is available.

  • Elite
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This is the second tier of the ADSS live trading account, and Elite traders can benefit from all the perks of Classic accounts. Elite account holders can also trade with 25% lower spreads compared to Classic account holders, and they can have access to +Elite events, trade with a multi-base currency account, and receive the support of a dedicated senior manager. Minimum deposit is 100,000 USD.

  • Elite+

The Elite+ tier is the highest and most prestigious tier when trading live with ADSS. Elite+ accounts have a minimum deposit requirement of 250,000 USD, and account holders can enjoy all the perks available to Elite account holders. On top of this, Elite+ account holders can enjoy ultra-low spreads and receive the help of an additional sales trader.

The ADSS trading platform

ADSS traders can take advantage of the ADSS trading platform, which is available on desktop and mobile. It has been the recipient of many industry awards, such as Best Forex Trading Innovation in 2021 at the Global Forex Trading awards. Traders can access global and local markets on the platform, customise their panels, receive 24/5 support, and trade with a set of comprehensive tools and indicators. Modules are customisable, and market entry is precise with minimal slippage.

Trading with ADSS – opening an account

Traders who wish to start trading with the leading MENA CFD broker ADSS can do so by opening an account on their website. They can select a demo account or a live one. Corporate and institutional investors can also look up partnership opportunities, such as the ADSS Introducing Broker, Money Manager, and Referral programmes.

Traders should be reminded that CFD trading is high-risk, and there is no guarantee of profits in the financial markets. Therefore, traders should remember to trade responsibly and never take risks that they cannot afford.